Monday, January 01, 2007


hey people, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
let's welcome the NEW 2007!!!

sorry for the late late wishing~ my internet connections have been failing me again. tried to surf the net in the afternoon but kept disconnecting. gosh. how i wish it can fix itself. loathe being nagged and blamed for not trying to fix it.

today is a new day, first day of the new year. nothing special happened. stayed at home until noon-evening and went to compass before having meal (Steamboat) at my grandma house.
at home, overheard my mom's conversation with two of her friends while i was playing my dad's laptop. she made me realise the importance to earn people's respect and their trust. or else, you will be the one kicked out of the social world. LOLs. also, better be a caring and nice person.. must treat everyone nicely. ^^

in my grandma house, saw my cousin. really envy him. a new life, just born. he doesn't need to think or do anything. all he's entitled to is sleep, eat, play and sleep again~ so nice. how i wish i can get back to the time when i was a baby. no problems to sit on nor troubles to face. what's more, i get all the attention and love. hahas. wishful thinking.
dinner was fine~ other than the fact that the food were too much scaring us. good thing we were not forced to finish them.

how can life be better?? hmms. i guess i'll end my post here le.

watching "Triphm in the sky" now, reminding me about life and death that is happening everyday. some people will be sad while some happy. these are part and parcel in life but it's real scary to face all those ugly things that happens now and then. tsktsktsk! what am i even thinking?? Life is so full of surprises.

anyway, have you thought about your resolutions for 2007? hmms. i'm getting too nervous and worried about the coming events that prevents me from making any.

hmms. gotta go le. LOLs.

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