Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fun Night Out~

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From yesterday!!! :D

Had a nice time with some of my Primary School friends last night. It has been about.... a year since we last met up. :O But, we finally did yesterday!!! Everyone of us took some time to support Hui Yi at Esplanade for her performance. A Guitar Ensemble! It was a nice simple performance that made me reminiscence the times back during my Secondary School CO days. :') Hehehehe.

After the performance, we headed out to take some pictures with Hui Yi and then went out of Esplanade to wait for Hui Yi before having supper at Upper Thomson! :D

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The supporters!! kekeke.

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Poo Kwee, Cressa, myself, Hui Yi and Keong Yee! :D

 photo P1040118_zpscd6f14b2.jpg
Us and pretty Hui Yi~

 photo P1040119_zps920ee01f.jpg

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Poo Kwee said this picture can never see the world.
But... the world don't read my blog right? xD

 photo P1040127_zpsbcaa1286.jpg  photo P1040128_zps027b4dc9.jpg  photo P1040130_zpsfad8f194.jpg

 photo P1040131_zpsa124e3ad.jpg
I've always been envious of their friendship!
But sometimes, I find it too funny how they are together. :X Lol.

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Lol. My crazy friend.

 photo P1040132_zps94c1f7c9.jpg

 photo P1040135_zps91a39a1c.jpg
Cressa had us all pose emo-ish, and then Keong Yee come disturb.

They later took turns to play with my camera. Lol.

 photo P1040137_zps63c1e00d.jpg

 photo P1040141_zps17222833.jpg

 photo P1040144_zps03f55965.jpg
Poo Kwee started snapping too many shots...

 photo P1040145_zps2931b591.jpg

 photo P1040146_zps22a0743d.jpg
&Here's Cressa going "okay, enough enough, I'm going to leave." lolol.

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 photo P1040150_zpsfcceea0d.jpg

 photo P1040151_zps2d5e2609.jpg

 photo P1040153_zpsdc354800.jpg
And then we went a little crazy at the lights area as you can see. xD

 photo P1040156_zps7068db27.jpg

 photo P1040159_zps3456f778.jpg

 photo P1040163_zpsa37ff9b2.jpg

 photo P1040165_zpsc9b63946.jpg

Took a few big head shots and Keong Yee took the nicest!

 photo P1040166_zps77b97d73.jpg

 photo P1040167_zps6c9cf43a.jpg
Super model, Cressa?

 photo P1040168_zpsa572fbf4.jpg
Doing it and feeling embarrassed of herself. LOL!

 photo P1040171_zpsaad0b9a0.jpg

 photo P1040174_zps9cc24490.jpg

 photo P1040175_zps987f73c1.jpg

Some tourist-y pictures while waiting for Hui Yi!

 photo P1040176_zpsd9cdb410.jpg

 photo P1040180_zps5b3151e8.jpg

 photo P1040183_zps2092415e.jpg

 photo P1040184_zps786b28d9.jpg

 photo P1040185_zps08f9650d.jpg

And that was it! :D
Met up with Hui Yi and headed down to Upper Thomson for some prata~
Got a ride back home too, special thanks to Poo Kwee! ^^

That night, while we enjoyed the lights outside Esplanade, I wondered how this friendship happened. I was never once close to any of these people. We were merely classmates; who barely had any full conversations together throughout our two years....

Okay okay, Pookwee and Cressa were above talking terms with me. Closer classmates, but still not good/close friends. I clearly remember being close to a totally different group of friends.

But a decade later, I'm no longer talking to most of the people I was close with; and is having fun hanging out with people I barely had a friendship with!

Lol. Isn't life just so full of surprises?

That night, I also got reminded of a freaking good friend I used to have. We were classmates during our first two years in Primary School, and became really close thereafter................ up until after PSLE. I can only remember one of our last conversations together. Not the content of our conversation, but where we had the conversation. And as we grow older, I literally forgot about her. LOL.

She seems to be doing well now though. And she's currently attached to one of my many crushes back then. HAHAHAHHA.

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 photo P1040109_zps3cdf2e7a.jpg

Hopefully, we'll meet up more often and with more friends!

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