Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sugar Rich! :D

A random update about earlier today in the afternoon! :D Had an impromptu lunch date with Weishan to satisfy my cravings for KFC's Bandito! I'm so so so happy that it is finally back! My favourite! hehehe.

Because it was impromptu, I wasn't mentally ready to leave Sugar alone at home (LOLOL!!). So, we discussed a little before deciding to bring Sugar along, and have lunch at Weishan's block void deck! But, the table at her void deck was too dirty.... In the end, we headed up to her house instead.

The initial plan was to eat at the void deck because Weishan was afraid Rich might dislike Sugar. But noooooooo, they "get along" just fine. (Y)! Most of the time, Rich is busy sniffing Sugar's butt while Sugar just runs around. At least, they don't fight! :D

 photo 20140324_150909_zpsd055e5f3.jpg
Dog treats is the best way to attract their attention!
Sugar's really cute here! Leaning on Weishan and eyeing the treat. Lol.

 photo 20140324_150922_zps01dc1a56.jpg

 photo 20140324_151030_zps3e0bd149.jpg

This bone thing you keep seeing in pictures is some huge milk bone stick that belongs to Rich. But Sugar really loved it and kept chewing on it while jumping around their sofa.

 photo 20140324_151218_zps9d7d94c8.jpg

 photo 20140324_151257_zpsd2074c96.jpg

 photo IMG-20140324-WA0020_zps5249645e.jpg

 photo IMG-20140324-WA0021_zpsc80fc0a9.jpg
"Smiling" dogs are happy dogs! :D

 photo IMG-20140324-WA0023_zps0c5c6ac2.jpg

 photo IMG-20140324-WA0019_zpsef901e89.jpg
Cutest picture of Sugar and Rich!!! :D

We later had a walk around the estate with Weixin before I walk all the way back home. It was bloody hot today! T^T And because I have an after appointment (more on this later), I had to hurry home and bathe Sugar. She was extremely tired even though I carried her to and fro! So so so tired that she actually laid down in the bathroom when I was preparing her shampoo. Lol. It looks like she was really happy though, so I'm happy too. ^^

 photo 20140324_151243_zpsd5e8e078.jpg

 photo IMG-20140324-WA0005_zps58d0e079.jpg
Like as if it's a dog cafe. xD
Weishan took this picture to share with Jolene and Karena and asking them to stop texting me because I was eating at an extremely slow speed. LOL.

Ah! Sugar's sitting there beside me in the picture, but at one point, she jumped up to their table giving Weishan and I a scare. Lol.

It was a very fun afternoon though. hehe. ♥

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