Saturday, July 09, 2016

Parents Are Out, Sisters Go Rouge!

The parents are out of town this week, enjoying their time in Thailand, while we sisters......

Actually just Sugar. Lol.

Because the parents are not home, she gets to sleep on their bed together with us. Yes, we sleep in our parents room when they are out of town because Sugar prefers sleeping in their room.

Someone shiok only; whole bed to lay around freely.

She can't really sleep in our bedroom because...... no idea. We have no idea why she can't just sleep with us in our bedroom. We'll even pull out the guests mattress for her. Tsk. Our guess is, she likes to be on the same level as us. -.- Princess much.

Who run our world? SUGAR!

Random throwback of us both.

The week has been so peaceful without our mothers' nagging!! :X
Get to do things in our own pace aka procrastinate for as long as we want, until they are back. Lol.

Here is them; attending a wedding in Thailand. The photobooth looks so extravagant!
Not something we'll get here? Ours are usually simple makeshifts.

Someone sure misses their presence though~

Forever taking our leg space.
Especially in the middle of the night, and we'll be stuck in the position because she's a pretty heavy dog.

Okay, goodnight!

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