Monday, June 06, 2016

Birthday Celebration + Boys' Revelation

A quick update about tonight's time well spent with my favourite people!! Kickstarting my week so right The best way ; Met up with happypills to celebrate Lance's birthday. Had dinner and then bingsoo for dessert! Best part to dessert...........? It was the guy's turn to open up tonight!!!! 👦👦

A new way to lit a candle when you know no smoker have no matchsticks / lighter.
Such a 'bright' idea, ain't it? Lol.

Our birthday celebrations are getting simpler and simpler over the years. But I guess, what matters more is that we're still celebrating it together after so many years. ♥

So what was so special tonight?
The guys opening up to us about their lives...

...Love lives more specifically. Lol.

It's so rare because we hardly do it in such a big group. We don't even talk much about our lives when we're altogether (other than quick updates), so it's something we were thrilled about when they started sharing. Both of them. HEHEHE. Of course, I can't go into details here. Just happy because it is like a step forward in our friendship. Even more so with both the guys around - It's most of the time one of them with us. Then the girls will be nosey and ask more...... Like how girls are. Lol. So anyway, it was a great time having the guys take the stage tonight.

To more times like this!!!! 🥂🥂

&Now is sleep time!

On a side random note.... Maybe because the girls have been leading boring lives now? That's why there has been nothing to update. LOL! Single remains single and the attached are enjoying their stability........... I'm content how things are for me now though. 😂

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