Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!

A quick random update because weekend, like happiness, is short-lived and I'm not looking forward to another week at work. Meh.

Who cares if it's just my third day tomorrow....................


Fine fine. Too early to judge.

I have to get my act together and brave through this change. I am still adapting to this new place, new people and new work... Urg.


Sugar went for her bath earlier today and she was given a cupcake!!!!
(Spot her naughty strands of hair standing hahaha)

Cupcake, like a reward for being nice and pretty..
Check out her 'report' card from Petopia (X)! She look so upright and pretty! Like she posed.

But, this NEVER happens at home!!

SEE!! Looks everywhere but at the camera!
But she looks like she's smiling. ♥

Same same, but different.
She seems to always know when I am taking a picture of her when I hold up my phone and immediately looks away JUST at the time I click 'snap'. TSK.

Happy dog means happy owner~

She always looks darn cute when she lays flat though. HEHEHE.

Like a hugeass lizard with all her legs spread out.

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