Friday, March 04, 2016

Free Lunch! :P

& I have some free time now, so here's a very quick blog entry! hehehe.

Fridays are always good days, and today, there's a special guest with me for lunch!

My closet friend. Hahaha.

Someone finally has some time to spare. Should change her tag to navyfriend now since the cat is out of the bag closet lolol. This busy bee here has been going through her BMT. So busy that she even forgot my birthday, but she's now forgiven because she treated lunch! ✌️✌️✌️ Great way to end my week's lunch.

The Coffee Club again @ Seletar Mall. Our go-to place during lunch because it's near my workplace and her house. Caught up about her work over a good lunch ; We ordered the same food though. Hahah. Loving their truffle mushroom pasta!

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She's so tanned now, just check out the fair area around her eyes!

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