Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A 'Vintage' Dinner

Part 6 : Vintage Dinner with Syu!

Actually..... 'Vintage' only because of the cafe name we went to. :X I'm running out of ideas to name my blog entries! Too literal ones seem boring too. Hahaha. Why does it matter, really.... But anyway, the cafe was decorated in quite a vintage way too! Or at least, that is what I think.. Lol. It was very simple and homely! Really like as if you're home~

So yes, this is our biannual dinner. hahaha. We only meet up to celebrate each other's birthday. So tonight, it was for ME! Part 6, like as if it was really that many times. Hahaha. But I'm really that blessed. ♥

Me and my carbonara! :)
It wasn't really to my liking because it was too.... runny, and was on the spicy side.
I like thicker carbonara, and not spicy. haha.
They were really generous with the noodles and bacon though, I finished as much as I could!

We also shared this plate of cheese potato goodness!♥
Wedges and cheese! It was so good!
They were extremely generous with the cheese. I LOVE.

2 shots of this potato cheese goodness because I'm playing with my new phone and because I was bored waiting for Syuhada to finish her prayers nearby. :)

Oh right! Dinner was at Vintage Delicafe X somewhere near Haji Lane. Was quite a bit of walk from Bugis MRT station, but for this plate of fats, it was all worth it! Hahahah. Seriously, such a simple dish and I'm raving too much about it. It's just not common for restaurants or cafes to be generous with their cheese... You always get some at the top and then nothing at the bottom. -.- Seriously. Am I supposed to ration the cheese myself?!

Anyway, I digress. LOL.

Since we only meet up twice a year, we also spend the rest of the evening just catching up with each others' lives. Oh how time has changed us..... We used to ride bus 72 home together everyday with endless topics! And now, we cramp up only the important events in our lives within that few hours. Not complaining though. At least there's social media to keep us updated. hehe.

&Now, I crash. BYE!

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