Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Year of the Monkey!


It's the year of the Monkey, Monkey~ 🐵
&This year has been fairly simple... Actually, it feels like things are just getting simpler as we grow up. I remember we had a lot more decorations in the house when we were younger, we even used to have pussy willows in the house!! But now, it's just what I want to put up... And I get lazy sometimes. :X Things aging does to you.


Reunion Dinner 2 evenings ago!
This year at second Uncle's place with a mix of home cooked and tzechar dishes! :)

I have 2 aunties from Hainan and they make this awesome sauce that goes so well with simple boiled chicken! See that small bowl on the right? That's it! We have it quite often during our family dinners. Like.. almost all the time. LOL. It goes well with other dishes too, but best with boiled chicken! I have no idea how they make it, but it's good. :D

Just 3 families and grandma

After dinner, we hung out a little at their place before heading back home to watch the Lunar New Year show on Channel 8, together with grandma. Uncles and their wives kick started the festive with mahjong through the night! Till Day 1 of CNY where they come by out place to visit!


"Why am I wearing this so early in the morning!?"

No pictures taken of our lunch or wishings in the afternoon. Was helping out in the kitchen since I woke up. Gaaaawd! So much to cook = too much to prepare and wash.

全家福! Though not us all. Check out lazy Sugar with her heavy head. Lol.
I always miss the timing to take family photos. I remember we should take a shot only after our third uncle says he was leaving. Boo.

Ended Day 1 with a movie with the family!

To be honest, it's 2017 now, and I cannot remember what movie we watched! :X It's highly highly possible that it was "From Vegas to Macau 3" though. Hahah. Anyway, just the uncles for movies because the nephew and nieces went out with our aunties to visit some other families.


Day 2 with Chua Family's lovebirds.

Our own mini 全家福; though Sugar looks a bit unfocussed. :X

&At Uncles' place with grandparents!

I love visiting their place! Technically, our uncle's place is the only place we visit every Lunar New Year. :X But anyway! It's because my grandma would stock up the house with plenty of snacks! Muahahaha. TIME TO FEAST! And see, they have pussy willows!

Forever can't take a single good shot with me. SIGH.

Look, we have a poser! Lol.

& that is all for my Lunar New Year. 13 more days of the festive to go! HEH.

Oh wait! Today is also the clique's anniversary and I can't wait to see them this Friday!!!!!!!!!

The fountain at the back looks as if it is some natural scenery. LMAO.

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