Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saturday: Family, Work & Friends!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii 👋
Yes, that's me today in office. Sigh.

One Saturday, many places to be, many things to do!

First up, Lunar New Year visiting!
Well, not really.... Dad has some work errands to run so we dropped by his office after breakfast.
Got red packets though. Muahahahah. :X

Then then then........... We hung out a bit and Dad drove me to office.

Yes.... Office. On a Saturday.


And what was I doing...?

Making sure the team has a full tummy all day while they work!
Nando's on the menu this afternoon~ :)

Today's the second Saturday we're in office for dress rehearsal; Simulating the launch of our system. OUR PROJECT IS GOING LIVE SOON!! 2 more weeks to go. Soft Launch next week and then... the real deal! Time flies.. I've been with the project for 18 months now. Wow... Though not from the requisition phase, but from the Analyse and Design phase all way through! Sucha long time.


Work was simple, and I get OT pay. hehehe.

After work, it was an evening with friends from work lol and we celebrated Jocelyn's birthday!


We also played a round of Escape Room. Fun shit.

Fast-forward to 2017 where I'm blogging this now; I actually can't remember if we escaped within the 60 minutes. HAHHA. I only remember being really involved and having a lot of fun while trying to exit each room. Different from the time when the clique played the escape room in JB (Read here!) - That was a slightly scarier and less fun because it was a lot messier! Tsk. I remember (actually read from my blog) that the staff even pushed and lightly hit Jolene and Weishan. SO annoying!

ANYWAY! Back to this~

They also took some Polaroid shots! Good times! :)

Okay, I feel lazy now. BYE!!

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