Saturday, November 28, 2015

I've Improved! 🎤

A good show becomes a perfect show when they have matching songs to complete the whole experience! Of course, that's beside the good looking casts (Oh~ 王大陸♥) heh. Caught the movie with my spousey last month, X and totally enjoyed it! Stories based on highschool always seem to catch more attention.

I'm so very hooked to this song^ right now. In fact, I think everyone is crazy about this song. Whether or not they have watched the movie... I think it's a greater hit than the songs in 'Apple of my eye'. ♥ You can hear it in so many different Karaoke rooms. Lol.

One thing though, when I solely focus on this song, just watching the MV and enjoying the melody, it makes me tear. Literally! No matter how many times I do it. Weird right? My heart aches when I pay too much attention to it. Especially after the second verse. Sigh. Not sure if it's just me remembering the story or just being too emotional. LOL.

ANYWAY! Have been learning to sing the song for my past 2 K sessions with Haniza (this and last Friday), and I'm so glad I'VE IMPROVED after one week!! Heh. Standing helps. Hahahha. It's a simple song to sing, but not easy to sing it well. I never have enough breath at the end of the verses...... At least for me luh. And it's so difficult for me to remember the lyrics! I keep mixing them up even while looking at the lyrics. Tsk.

And I have no idea why I am going on about that. LOL.

I've mentioned last week X that I like singing.... It's such a great way to de-stress. When I get absolutely tensed, I make myself sing difficult songs till my head feels light. And that's like.... at least 5 songs in a go. LOL. I don't even care if I sound bad when I'm in that mood. It's good. Helps me get things off my head and I try to reach the high notes and breathe properly. LOL.

Anyway!!!! Bye.

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