Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Nonsense Day + Our Celebrity Couple👫

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Bumped in our clique's 'celebrity' couple earlier this evening, helping to perk my mood up! :)

Today's such a nonsense day.. It felt like it was meant to be a blemish on my happy streak, but I wasn't actually that affected afterall.

One thing for each part of the day. I was annoyed, but got over them pretty quickly. So, nonsense day.

I left home my usual time (8:16am) and saw that I was going to miss the bus arriving in 2 minutes.. It's usually okay, because the next one comes before 8:30am.

But today is a nonsense day.

The next bus was arriving 21 minutes later (8:39am)!!!! Like... What the freaking hell...?! No chance of arriving in office a little late, but extremely late!

I cannot understand how SBS Transit is scheduling their buses now... Their bus frequency has improved a little (speaking from my bus 72 experience) where 2 buses usually comes at the same time during peak period. BUT! A hugeass BUT, for the past few weeks, buses have been arriving at very long intervals... They come in twos now, but at least 10-15minutes later. -,-

Won't it make more sense to have shorter intervals? One bus every 5 minutes to ease the crowd during peak period... Instead of allowing the crowd to grow bigger during your 10-15minutes interval (freaking 21 minutes today) and then have 2 buses to charter them all?!

The bus that arrived at 8:39am was freaking packed, by the way. It was packed to the brim! And the next one only arrived 10 minutes later. -,-

Of course I tried hailing a taxi! Most of them were red, and the 3 that were green...... REJECTED ME. Didn't even bother to slow down or stop!!! T-H-R-E-E!

Isn't it a nonsense day?

My supervisor was even later than me though... Train breakdown. So, I was cool almost immediately after arriving in office. Lol.

The least nonsense for the day... Headache. Just the top part of my head was throbbing during lunch.

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A random selfie at work today.

The few of us started playing this game at work. Each of us has a 'child' we'll have to get a gift for in Christmas, but before that we have to give them daily tasks to 'test' how well behaved they are. SO FUN. And that selfie was one of the tasks Shruti was given that morning. Hahah. She thought I'm the one, but we'll see on Christmas. hehe.

Another nonsense part of the day.

I haven't been swimming for the longest time now, and arranged to meet up with Haniza this evening for some chlorine soaking.

It rained. =.=

The weather was okay when I arrived at the bus interchange and didn't look like it was raining during my trip back... BUT! When I alighted and was walking home(to pick up my bag), the drizzle started to become heavier. Pfft. Then it started raining for a bit.

After deciding to give swimming a miss, we met up to get Haniza's dinner.... Headed out, and guess what? NO MORE RAIN OR DRIZZLE.


Why are these scenarios fooling me today?!

But it's okay. Rainbows usually appear after the rain where the sun shines! So.... my day turned all for the better when I bumped into our clique's celebrity couple. Hahahahaha. Karena and John.

I WAS SO HAPPY!! It was like as if I really saw a celebrity. Lol.

Even though, we only caught up a little, I was happy. Hehhehehe.

Also because I was spending the evening with Haniza. Friends make any bad days better. :)

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