Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I'm bored............................ = Random update.

Met up with Zylia for dinner at Plaza Singapura yesterday, and it was an extremely last minute decision because I wanted to get something from Laneige. LOL!

I was excited to get this new product from them; The Laneige Brush Pact Pore Blur. I don't even remember how I got to know about it and why I was so bent on getting that from the store yesterday. Lol. (Oh! Because it wasn't available anywhere online.) It's actually something very similar to their compact powder that I already have... This one just comes with a brush. >< &I also got another compact powder when I'm not done with the one I have.. :X So technically, I now have 2 of the same thing, and one that works similarly. Hurhur... Sometimes, I really hate myself for the things I do when I get excited. It's like... I lose sensibility and become extremely impulse. I don't think. I just do things based on my emotions. LOL. I'm trying to figure out when this has happened before, but I think it's just that other time when I was very excited to get GF6. I remember requesting for early release from work and cabbing down to Sim Lim Square so I could get it (read here). Everything happened really fast.. Getting to know the promotion, going crazy at work and then deciding to follow my heart and buy it. hahaha. Reading that entry now still reminds me of the emotion I felt for that day.

And woahhh.. Now I know how old is my GF6. It's 1 year and 5 months old. I remember using GF2 for 2 years before upgrading to GF6.... Maybe 7 more months with my GF6 before I upgrade again? Hahahha. The next one is GF7 though.. Not that great a jump. :/

OH! I get too excited when I plan (or am involved in) a surprise too... That's why I'm terrible at surprises! I just can't stop thinking about the plan and want to make sure that everything is okay and 'surprising'... Obviously, it doesn't work very well when the person I'm surprising is quick at things and know me too well. Tsk.

Okay, goodnight. Lol.

Oh wait! More about the dinner.. Hahahahahah.

Had dinner at Nana's Green Tea X, caught up with each other for a bit, shopped around and went back home.

Yeah, that's all. LOL. I wonder why we stop taking pictures when we go out. :/ And wth.. The last time we met was in March, for my birthday! X :O

Lifeeeeeee & Workkkk.

Keyboard puke end.

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