Sunday, May 31, 2015

May's Snapshots!

 photo 20150528_120253.jpg  photo 20150528_120356.jpg
The new Samsung S6's camera has unrealistic selfie mode!
All these beautifying features is going to cause people to have trust issue. hahaha.

 photo P1380424.jpg
Brunch with 梅花 earlier this month X

 photo IMG-20151026-WA0002.jpg
Had a nice catchup session with my first lunch kakis in Maybank! :D
We had delicious Italian Food at Bruno's Pizzeria & Grill X that night and talked about...... :/ mostly work related. Lol.
Till next time!

 photo 20150529_001651.jpg  photo IMG-20150529-WA0000.jpg

Got someone to buy me these because I didn't manage to find them when I was there.
I really liked Tokyo Banana and White Lover's Chocolate Biscuits, but these are slightly nicer!
Hint of banana taste and a harder biscuit. I LIKE!!!

 photo 20150529_002018.jpg  photo 20150529_001742.jpg

 photo 20150529_182211.jpg

Hopefully more shots next month!

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