Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Tomorrow's the day!
Tomorrow's the day we've all been waiting for!!
Tomorrow's the day I HAVE been waiting for!!!

Finally, tomorrow's the start of my long vacation! One I've been counting down to since months ago!
Can't wait to cruise down to Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan!!!

So excited that I'm feeling lazy to pack my luggage. As always. :X

So many days, so many outfits to plan, so many things to bring!

Before I go, here's a big appreciative shout out to the people who has approved my many days (9 days!!!) leave. Muahahaha. Without the kind approval, my family won't have gotten this chance to try cruising that long! Approximately 13 days!!! :O Waaa.. Super excited. HEHE.

Till I'm back, 2 weeks later!!!! ;)

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