Monday, March 02, 2015

March Already!!?

Time is passing too damn fast!

It feels as though we have just counted down to 2015, and BAM we're into March already. :/ Unsure if it's due to work or the age, but this year feels exceptionally fast. Or maybe I'm just repeating myself every first quarter of the year... lol.

Time seem to pass even faster with me cancelling my calendar after each work day. Work......

Work has been a lot manageable now. Manageable and not deadful. I've just completed 7 months!!!! Looking back, it's been a pretty long journey. Making silly and grave mistakes, getting to know people, adapting to work, getting frustrated with colleagues (&getting over that), dozing off in meetings, going crazy over work, observing the capabilities of people (bad mostly), learning to be careful of these people, and also improving myself by the day......

It's been one hella of a journey! But I'm not dreadful or bored (yet).

I haven't quite decide if I want to continue this career path or to venture out on something different. 5 more months to the end of this contract. 3 more months to decide and begin job hunting if I choose to leave (or just in case they don't want me anymoreeeee).

After being comfortable at work, I am feeling hesitant to head out again. :X But no, life is nothing but full of changes!!! And to improve, we must not stay stagnant or remain in our comfort zone.

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