Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve! &Eve's Eve.


Got half a day off from work today, and celebrated Christmas in a new work environment this year! It was fun! Arrived at work pretty early today because I wanted to put gifts on colleague's desk (hehe), and to my surprise, I saw our office already nicely decorated with Black and Gold balloons! The buffet tables were also in place. So early! Lol.

Totally set the festive mood, and most of us didn't do much work in the end. :X

Was rather excited for the activities planned, and I was not disappointed at all.

There were caroling, ice-cream, karaoke, buffet, gift exchange and photo booth!!!

Caroling kick started the celebration with a small group of people going around singing Christmas songs to different clusters in the office. It kind of created a warm fuzzy feeling in me... It was also a little weird. haha. Karaoke was held in a meeting room. Even though I didn't check out that activity, I could hear plenty singing their hearts out throughout the celebration. It was like everyone was having their own fun in the big office.

Ice-cream was those nostalgic pushcart that old Uncles would be selling. Got quite a few cups and shared some with our vendors. They are seated in a different area, and they were definitely in a different zone. Lol. Gift exchange was a little.... too simple. Everyone submitted their gifts few days before, and the organizers would do a draw for people to pick their gifts. There were no interactions, but it was nice... To get gifts on random. I got a towel!

And on a side note, here are some of the gifts that I've prepared for people at work! :)

 photo IMG-20141221-WA0010_zpsiki9oymx.jpg
For colleagues who are closer to me!

 photo IMG-20141221-WA0012_zps9ds5vfto.jpg

 photo IMG-20141221-WA0014_zpsl0scj3fw.jpg
The general gift I prepared for the exchange!
I found out who got it because they were very openly tearing off their gifts, and loudly exclaiming their opinions on their gifts! I remember seeing the person confused with the gift I got...... :(
It's a USB Hub!

Apart from caroling, ice-cream, gift exchange and karaoke, I had a lot of fun taking pictures at the photo booth! Tried taking pictures of the photos but it didn't turn out too nice. Too lazy to scan them too. :P

 photo IMG-20141224-WA0009_zpsnakw3onw.jpg
Here's a picture of me and a friend using their props!

Buffet was nice. Managed to have small chats with colleagues and boss in a meeting room while enjoying the buffet. Working here is a lot different from MCBI... I miss people in MCBI. /random

And so...... that was how I'd spent my Christmas Eve at work. ^^

Yesterday was a nice day too! Had a team Christmas/End-of-Year lunch together. Again, not all was present. :(

 photo 20141223_122810_zps1ptafnc0.jpg
Ordered these!
From gourmetpizzatogo. It was okay.

 photo P1360162_zps98nytxku.jpg
Fun times camwhoring. xD

 photo P1360163_zpsmb5yguxe.jpg

 photo P1360167_zpstpykfp47.jpg
Bestfriend at work!

 photo P1360172_zpsmetn0ved.jpg  photo P1360173_zpswnzwwqmw.jpg
Funniest colleague!

 photo P1360174_zpsspf08lik.jpg
Yesterday was also the day we celebrated people born in December!

 photo P1360178_zps8vcfx22u.jpg

 photo P1360179_zpsknfuvocy.jpg

Okay. I am tired now. x.x Can't wait for my own Christmas celebrations tomorrow and Friday! :D Not many celebrations this year (good for the pocket), but I am happy I'm spending precious time with friends. HEHE.

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