Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bubble Bumping Birthday!

Hi. I'm here burning inside, feeling extremely exhausted, and yet having difficulties to sleep. The body feels so warm and heated that I can't sleep. :( It's raining right now, but I can't sleep. :((

So, here I am blogging about today because today was a good day. It was exhausting, but it was good. (Y)! It's been so long since I've blogged about something on the exact same day it happens. Life has gotten better of me. I've been just tired and lazy. :X

And as I've admitted that I've been lazy, here's a lazy way to blog too~ Just pictures with my long winded text. :D

 photo P1350759_zpsa032fd47.jpg

 photo P1350836_zps2e332455.jpg

 photo P1350656_zps928dcc90.jpg

 photo P1350657_zpsbb9cda30.jpg

Here's how my day went! :D

Woke up early after sleeping at 2am, for a vaccination. Came home for a little rest before heading out to meet my girlfriends. Had a really awesome catchup session with Karena (I miss her like crazy!), and headed down to Kovan's Futsal Pitch for our Bubble Bump!!

It was an activity planned as a birthday celebration for Jolene and Weishan - A little too belated because it was kindda hard to arrange a date everyone's available, but WE DID IT!!!

We picked a date, gathered together and had a hell lot of fun! :D

 photo P1350658_zpsc1abe3a7.jpg

 photo P1350660_zps200365c1.jpg
The bubbles!
There were red and blue to easily identify the teams!

 photo P1350661_zps812c4ac1.jpg
Braids for the girls with long hair!

 photo P1350665_zps02baa899.jpg
Got a relatively good deal on their website.
(Relatively good because two days after we paid for the deal, it got cheaper! T^T)

 photo P1350669_zps512d5b84.jpg

Contrary to what we've researched on (many complained the smell for another brand), the Bubble Bump didn't stink. At all! Until, of course, we played in it. It was initially a very normal rubber smell. But even after two hours in it, it didn't stink as bad as we'd thought it'll be. Which was good. Because, I thought I'll feel like vomitting everytime I go in. :X

 photo P1350670_zpsb3abe439.jpg

 photo P1350671_zpsab959cda.jpg

 photo P1350672_zpsabc68ff1.jpg

 photo P1350673_zps7238177d.jpg

 photo P1350674_zps535319d4.jpg

 photo P1350676_zps9ed51442.jpg
All prepared in our respective bubbles!

 photo P1350677_zpsf6688720.jpg
Talking our strategies!
First game was the common 'football in a ball' game.

 photo P1350679_zps6e97439c.jpg
Sky briefing us all~
The owners of Bubble Bump were really nice!

There was a little situation prior to our games. They were slightly late, but got down very quickly to prepare all the bubbles. &To make up for it, they managed to book another hour of the futsal pitch and gave us a complimentary hour more to play! :D Them being all friendly was a plus.

 photo P1350683_zps46d63999.jpg
So........ the next few pictures are just of us in bubbles going around playing the game. Lol.

 photo P1350684_zpsa52518f8.jpg

 photo P1350686_zps4ab859b2.jpg
Check out me almost falling, and this other person at the back already upside down!

 photo P1350687_zps83118d52.jpg
Like Kesslyn here!
Except, she hurt herself. :X
Must be careful when you topple over! Because we have to make sure we are not resting on our heads, have to also make sure we quickly flip over or else we'll be hurting like Kesslyn here.
I'm glad she's okay after a while uh. If not it would have been terrible.

 photo P1350690_zps89d336aa.jpg

 photo P1350691_zps739bed8e.jpg
And us, the winners with no proper group shot. :(

 photo P1350706_zps429d385f.jpg
A quick break after our first half (which was just 5 minutes!).

 photo P1350709_zps45ee3868.jpg

The first game was merely 5 minutes, but boy were we dogged and all sweaty!
It was challenging but very very fun!
It was even more thrilling when our team was winning. HEHEHE.

 photo P1350713_zps12477497.jpg
Here we have this idiotic Weishan trying to negotiate and swap teams. >:(
There was supposedly a penalty for the losing team.

But walao, birthday big. So we changed team (not)! :p
We end up changing a different game first. Lol.
Too lazy to explain the other games so I shall crack my brain trying to recall in the future when I read this again.

 photo P1350714_zps0a83a8e8.jpg

 photo P1350715_zps9067f173.jpg

 photo P1350717_zpsb7d082ca.jpg

 photo P1350719_zpscc915e3f.jpg

 photo P1350720_zps244b3757.jpg

 photo P1350721_zps8299c4d1.jpg

 photo P1350723_zps0a4bafb5.jpg

&Here we grant the birthday girls wish and changed team.
With Weishan winning in scissors paper stone and taking all the good players.
Damn asshole. Lol.

It's not the winning, but the game shan. :P

 photo P1350728_zps01dad112.jpg

 photo P1350729_zps93476739.jpg

 photo P1350730_zpse6d2a605.jpg

 photo P1350731_zpsd277506f.jpg

 photo P1350732_zps5a8d2889.jpg

 photo P1350733_zps1444623d.jpg

 photo P1350735_zpsa83e5d5b.jpg

 photo P1350736_zps84f580be.jpg

 photo P1350737_zpsdb604336.jpg

 photo P1350738_zpsa1297eee.jpg

 photo P1350743_zpsdd22e371.jpg

 photo P1350752_zps0842ef06.jpg

 photo P1350757_zpsaabe340b.jpg
Taking another break because we completed our first hour and Karena was leaving. :(

 photo P1350758_zps8a567c86.jpg
Full strength!!!! :D

 photo P1350763_zps682fb0ba.jpg

 photo P1350768_zps079974b2.jpg
So proud of our SIA girl here. ^^

 photo P1350770_zpsa01c277d.jpg

With the extra free hour, we continued another round of bumping! :D

 photo P1350771_zpsa3ed8caf.jpg

 photo P1350774_zpsef4dab95.jpg

 photo P1350785_zpsc2b96aa7.jpg
All stuck together!

 photo P1350787_zpsa234e79b.jpg

 photo P1350788_zps34c0ccb1.jpg

 photo P1350789_zpsbe725f96.jpg

 photo P1350804_zps840df7e3.jpg
Lonely me. Lol.

This game was about forcing the chosen 'flag' of the other team into one's own base. It started out hilarious as the red team got it all wrong and enthusiatically ran into our base, giving us a good head start with that point. Hahaha. Weishan chose all the guys for this game uh! Selfish!
And then here's me, sticking to my own base while every one else were out there fighting. Lol.

 photo P1350805_zps9c440985.jpg

We played to win, but there wasn't a clear winner because the birthday girls decide to swap team and mix things up. But since the activity was for their birthday, we made the both of them go through the terrible forfeit!

Having the guys roll them all around! Lol.

 photo P1350817_zps011e3a30.jpg
Here's Jolene.
Super crazy speed spinning from one end to the other and back.

 photo P1350818_zps1d0cf727.jpg
Shan all ready for her turn. lol.

 photo P1350819_zps95f703d4.jpg

 photo P1350820_zpsdc3c865f.jpg

 photo P1350821_zps0eeeab24.jpg
Helping out to deflat the bubbles! :D
Taking the chance to have a good rest too.

 photo P1350822_zps684d1bf5.jpg

 photo P1350823_zps234c96dc.jpg

 photo P1350825_zps26184116.jpg

 photo P1350826_zpsf3443ec1.jpg

 photo P1350828_zps9ecb4fbc.jpg

 photo P1350830_zps864f9a14.jpg

 photo P1350831_zps15ae8e6a.jpg

 photo P1350832_zps9ce65068.jpg

 photo P1350833_zps9d390a6c.jpg

 photo P1350834_zps8607dfe7.jpg

 photo P1350835_zps5b83e9ca.jpg

 photo P1350839_zpse6360369.jpg

 photo P1350852_zps804a4a1e.jpg
Group shot with the players and the people from BubbleBumpSG!

 photo P1350854_zps6d55a703.jpg

 photo P1350655_zps259a0811.jpg


 photo P1350668_zps7c4ac62e.jpg

 photo P1350675_zps3db5b1ed.jpg

 photo P1350853_zps8cb808a8.jpg

 photo P1350760_zps36bbcc3c.jpg

 photo P1350848_zps93fa2908.jpg

And so after the games, the few of us (Shan, Jolene, Kesslyn, Gary, Samuel and myself) headed down to Serangoon Gardens for a good mookata dinner! :D All the exercise and sweating gone with those food. Lol.

We later tried looking for a place to settle and chill but everywhere was crowded. In the end, the girls stayed in Little Wimbly Lu while the guys warmed up outside. Lol.

The night ended fuzzy as I revealed quite a bit about what's been weighing on my mind lately. Super glad to have people I can pour my heart out to. ^^

And with this, I'm ending the entry to try sleeping. x,x


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