Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fever From Vaccination.

So.... It turns out one should have ample rest after a vaccination. Lol.
Last night, I had a really difficult time getting some sleep because I was down with a pretty high fever. :O Didn't even know I was down with fever until 5am. -,-

I couldn't understand why I was suddenly ill when there were no warnings at all!

And then, I recalled taking a vaccination for Cervical Cancer in the morning. Lol. That is the only possible reason why I was having a fever! The doctor did mention something about getting fever, which is extremely rare, and I had a rough-play day with my friends adding stress to my body...

I have no explanation why I'm blogging about this.

But I guess, I'm just bored and tired from all the rest.

On a brighter note, I would be on sick leave tomorrow!!! HEHEHE.

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