Monday, June 09, 2014

Lost We Have Been Found. xD

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Went on another roadtrip with my favourite people on Saturday!! ^^

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As usual, we laughed a lot a lot...

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...took plenty of pictures!!

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&also managed to celebrate Lance's birthday, belatedly.

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This roadtrip isn't like the previous roadtrip.

Apart from the same bumper car plays and A&W meals, we managed to play Go Kart, have dinner and go around leisurely this time. This roadtrip is also more precious to me. Because, we were almost in full-strength! ^^ And also because, this might possibly be the last one till the next one. ♥

Everyone (less Jolene and Chiulee) gathered at Gary's place and we took off to pick Jolene and Chiulee! We were all... on time? lol. There was quite a traffic when we were going in to JB though.

 photo P1040618_zps244b5c7e.jpg
&The trip started off with brunch!
This Bak Kut Teh restaurant near the custom at JB.

 photo DSC06049_zps38402f1f.jpg

 photo P1040619_zps24b911a5.jpg
Jolene and her default face for the day!
She couldn't really smile because of her very recent wisdom tooth extraction.
ps: She talked funny too. hehehe.

 photo DSC06052_zps9d09175e.jpg

 photo DSC06053_zps6ca9d2f8.jpg
I prefer our Bak Kut Teh! Their meat was very nice though.

 photo DSC06050_zps254c3f59.jpg
Really nice yuzu drink. :3

After brunch, we were all fueled for another round of driving!

 photo GOPR0108_zpsdb49eb61.jpg
Now you see Weishan....

 photo GOPR0111_zps867fcb56.jpg
And now you don't. But you see Chiulee. ^^

Thereafter, we took the longest drive throughout our trip in search for this Go Kart place. Our entertaining GPS wasn't very useful. But it did made us laugh on many occasions! Starting off with its' mismatch map pointer and direction voice; It was Dora the Explorer and this really low voice... Suddenly cannot remember who's voice, but it's one of those characters in Lord of The Ring?

ANYWAYZ! The GPS wasn't very useful because it led us to an isolated(?) University, and kept suggesting to make turns to nowhere from nowhere. -,- The things said was funny in the beginning, but it later got a little annoying because it was just repeating "Lost You Have Become". Because of the voice, Gary also kept mishearing whatever was said! From "you must" to "you cunt" and "you bastard". LOL. I believe GPS are not programmed to be so crude even if you keep making the wrong turns ah.

 photo P1040624_zps4cda7a5d.jpg
Here's Gary going into a random temple in an attempt to ask for directions.

The GPS was so unhelpful that we end up going around asking the locals. Frustratingly, the locals have no idea where the place we were going to too. ~,~ We manage to finally reach our destination with the help of our mobile phones though. (Y)! GPS & Google Map 万岁!!!

 photo P1040625_zps3e393bf8.jpg

 photo P1040628_zpsfb56fd53.jpg
Random scenic shot because the place looked really beautiful.
We were finally on the right track to the Go Kart place~
Long long drive in. Very ulu and it looked like we were driving into some jungle. Lol.

 photo CIMG0077_zpsdf53e8ee.jpg
Finally alighted at the Go Kart location.
THE WEATHER WAS CRAY CRAY CRAZZZY!! Scorching hot and humid.
Not that it's anything new... But it's still worth mentioning. xD
It was really goddamn hot!

 photo P1040633_zps0d5f3f9e.jpg
Signing our names~

 photo P1040634_zpsfb86ae66.jpg  photo P1040636_zps779da417.jpg  photo P1040632_zps95ed726c.jpg  photo P1040631_zps1ca1a950.jpg
Some selfies before they bun up their hair!

 photo P1040637_zpsed44a1e8.jpg
Woes of having long hair. x)

 photo P1040638_zps72496bc2.jpg
Them with their hair all up reminds me of our Secondary School Days. :/

 photo CIMG0080_zpsf9f2d0ed.jpg

Took some selfies (2 to be exact) while we try to distract ourselves from the heat as we wait.
It was a really long wait because some other group wanted to go another round right after their round. =,= We end up racing with another group of people.

 photo CIMG0081_zps87eeaec9.jpg
&Here you cannot see the selfie stick Karena's holding.

Racing was fun! I was the last one among every one else. :O And apparently, one of the person-in-charge was even walking behind my Go Kart. I didn't think I was going that slow leh. T^T Super upset when I see so many of my friends zooming past me. I guess it's good that I don't have a license? LOL.

No pictures of us going around the Go Kart course or pictures of the place. Kept our things and only Gary was holding on to his GoPro, filming us. (Too lazy to upload the videos!)

Oh! Something happened at the end of our race too. Soohou got bumped by another Go Kart. The damage wasn't obvious, but the people there insisted that their Go Kart was damaged. Unsure if it's just their tactic to take advantage of us or...... :/ We paid for the damage anywayz. A whooping 400RM if I'm not wrong.

 photo P1040639_zpsb2eaadfd.jpg
See what I meant by driving into some jungle? Lol.
Very inside some more!

 photo P1040641_zpsc6745554.jpg
&Here's a random shot of a skinny cow.

 photo P1040642_zpsd3bd2ffb.jpg
The sky was pretty that day too.

The long car rides made me realize how I've been missing out on all these sky watching. I've been watching too much drama and staring too much at my laptop screen that I've forgotten how much I love watching the clouds flood by. :)

 photo P1040649_zpsbadd6e0e.jpg
The backseat people!

 photo P1040650_zpsb3f1989d.jpg

The first place we visited was some random mall. THERE WAS NOTHNG INSIDE. Actually no. There were things in the mall. Just.... really empty and a little rundown. We visited their washrooms and quickly tried to cool ourselves from the hot weather with some icecream! :D

 photo CIMG0085_zps33254faf.jpg

Our MacDonalds only have the green ones. T^T

 photo CIMG0087_zps263382d2.jpg

 photo CIMG0090_zpscbfb62d9.jpg

 photo CIMG0091_zpsbb728570.jpg

 photo CIMG0094_zps5612c488.jpg
Pardon me as I constantly forget to look at the lens instead. -,-

 photo CIMG0096_zps800e91a8.jpg

 photo CIMG0098_zps79d73af1.jpg

After this stop, we proceeded to another mall. The same mall we started our last roadtrip with; for some A&W!!!! I wasn't hungry though. So I had a big glass of A&W and stole a few of their fries. HEHEHE.

 photo DSC06061_zps482f6b94.jpg

 photo P1040657_zps350393ef.jpg

In the middle of our snacks,,,

 photo P1040658_zps66be6e75.jpg
TADAAAH!!! A small surprise for our Lance! :D

 photo P1040652_zps481fba4e.jpg
We went off to buy some mini cupcakes as the rest ordered their food.

 photo P1040653_zps75aa4490.jpg
But that's all to it. They weren't nice AT ALL!! 10% of it was cake and the remaining 90% was just cream.
We even had to play games so that the one who lose would finish the remaining cakes. Lol. We would just scrap off the cream though. :x

 photo DSC06058_zps6e651885.jpg
Weishan covering my face because everyone was complaining how I'm acting like it's my birthday instead. :'(
Cannot wanna be a June baby too?! Lol.

 photo DSC06059_zps98df42de.jpg

 photo CIMG0099_zps281a2df7.jpg

 photo P1040659_zps4c9185f8.jpg

 photo P1040660_zpsa0ddd663.jpg

 photo P1040662_zps8d1bfa2e.jpg

 photo P1040664_zpsc7b4522f.jpg

 photo P1040666_zpse8e4eb1b.jpg

 photo P1040670_zpse99640a8.jpg

 photo P1040674_zpsd310978c.jpg
Thereafter, everyone was quietly munching on their snacks.

 photo P1040675_zpsf9f1765c.jpg

 photo CIMG0108_zps41663c68.jpg

After filling our tummies and quenching our thirst (I felt more thirsty after one big cup of A&W though), we shopped around the mall. Weishan and I got quite a bit of stuffs. And then, we set off to our next destination! There wasn't really a plan for the day, so... I don't think there was a exact place we were heading to.

We stopped by this really pretty bridge though! We saw it in our last roatrip but it was still under renovation, and there was no path for us to drive in. This time, however, the bridge is finally up and the road was clear for us to go there!!! :D We didn't manage to take a picture of the pretty bridge though.... Because... Well, we were on the bridge. Lol.

 photo DSC06062_zps9cd723aa.jpg

 photo P1040677_zpsaf8457c4.jpg
See that two 'towers'? It's supposedly their guardhouse?
It's not very far from where we were standing. But, this security guard rode his bike in an attempt to ask our purpose for visit.

 photo CIMG0115_zps4dbc8d29.jpg
Quickly took a few group shots before he arrive! :X

 photo CIMG0118_zps1ea060a4.jpg

 photo CIMG0119_zps0c9348aa.jpg

And when the security guard finally reached our place with his bike -,-, he only manage to asked "What are you doing...?" before someone called him. Taking it as our second chance, we took more selfies!!! Lol.

 photo CIMG0128_zps175260a3.jpg

After these shots, we continued the roadtrip to a place near the funfair/amusement park.

 photo P1040681_zpse01b2f13.jpg
A dangerous place to walk.

Soohou stepped on a rusty nail here!!!!! It went right through his flipflop and pierced into his feet. Everyone was amazed at how calm and nonchalant he was when he handled his wound. The girls were all disgusted and worried while he looked like he was in no pain at all. :O Pasted a plaster and he was good to go. I'm glad his wound is not infected and has nothing stuck inside ah.

 photo DSC06083_zps572e2a9e.jpg
The place was nice. ^^
&So, we camwhored!

 photo DSC06071_zpsba8871bd.jpg

 photo P1040690_zps4148b7df.jpg

 photo P1040691_zps2d7161af.jpg

 photo P1040692_zps4a17b54d.jpg

 photo P1040695_zps009bfab5.jpg

 photo P1040696_zps57551292.jpg

 photo P1040697_zps30b50186.jpg

 photo DSC06075_zps3b390145.jpg

 photo P1040698_zps3e2f4c7a.jpg

 photo P1040702_zpsfbc18495.jpg

 photo P1040704_zpsdca09bd6.jpg

 photo P1040705_zpsaa6f7295.jpg

 photo P1040707_zps20c03380.jpg

 photo P1040708_zps8b7892e2.jpg

 photo P1040709_zps4b26bf4d.jpg
They were all getting ready to jump while I just... shrugged.
We don't have one successful jumpshot lo. Every single shot has at least one person not jumping. And I'm the one most of the time. LOL. :X

 photo P1040710_zpsadf86c3d.jpg
You can see how Soohou was totally laughing at me because I missed the que again!

 photo P1040711_zps0d4badc8.jpg

 photo P1040715_zpsca3f4237.jpg

 photo DSC06096_zps64533534.jpg

 photo P1040717_zps5af39ee1.jpg

 photo P1040718_zpsf0d834a7.jpg

 photo P1040720_zps147cee85.jpg

 photo P1040723_zps0828b625.jpg
This Lance... LOLOL.

 photo P1040724_zpsdea86ded.jpg

 photo P1040725_zpsae56a06e.jpg

 photo P1040726_zps955a933a.jpg

 photo DSC06099_zps2178d58a.jpg

 photo DSC06115_zps9c2ae3a7.jpg

 photo DSC06116_zpsaff06bf7.jpg

 photo CIMG0144_zps1feae2cc.jpg

 photo P1040728_zpsaa25cb88.jpg

 photo DSC06127_zpsbaf44721.jpg
Getting ready for some pretty shots!

 photo DSC06128_zps54b8646d.jpg
After editing the shot.

 photo DSC06129_zps800dd1fd.jpg
Another unedited one. Also very nice. ^^

 photo CIMG0157_zps09c61518.jpg

 photo P1040734_zpsd24d83b2.jpg
I hate walking on such ground. Super glad Chiulee was there to help me. ^^

 photo P1040735_zps25595db6.jpg
Lance and Jolene dancing? Lol.

 photo P1040739_zps13040990.jpg
Photobombers alert!!!!

 photo P1040740_zps3eb10ea6.jpg

 photo P1040741_zpscfd21767.jpg
They say photobombers cuter than us leh.....
I have to agree. xD

 photo P1040742_zps62b2f16b.jpg

 photo P1040743_zps2983ae0f.jpg

 photo P1040746_zps03f288ac.jpg

 photo DSC06154_zpsdb28f009.jpg
The set finally set and we were off to our next destination. Also, the highlight of this roadtrip.

 photo GOPR0130_zpseb5399e3.jpg
Here's us all ready for a VERY LAME roller coaster ride.
It was said to be some... spooky ride and I was extremely scared. No idea why la. In the end.... =,=

 photo GOPR0134_zps36e340b4.jpg
Got really tired after this. Lol.

 photo P1040750_zpsdb6a363d.jpg
And finally, DINNER!!! :)

 photo P1040752_zps1c9ed640.jpg
Lok lok.
Too oily and salty to my liking. But it was still nice~ Ate quite a bit. HEHE.

And so... Our trip ended with this dinner. We got back to Singapore quite early, and I was home almost earlier than the time my mother said I should be back in Singapore. Hahaha. I was pretty exhausted but high. :/ Didn't manage to get all the pictures so I'm updating my blog only today. HEHE.

 photo CIMG0166_zpsbd19ad3f.jpg
To end off this entry, here's my favourite pictures with my favourite people. ♥
 photo CIMG0127_zpsc71476c4.jpg

 photo P1040693_zps09da5221.jpg

 photo CIMG0095_zpsfcede38e.jpg

 photo CIMG0117_zpsfaf55804.jpg

 photo P1040719_zps60322e6a.jpg

 photo P1040694_zpsfdb67475.jpg

 photo P1040706_zpsb2393d72.jpg
Check out the ever-ready Lance while the other girls all smiling so widely! :)

 photo P1040703_zps6ac4de13.jpg

 photo DSC06128_zps96a4c5b9.jpg

 photo P1040737_zps0066b44e.jpg

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