Friday, June 13, 2014

Makeover, Lunch & Badminton! :D

I'm feeling exhausted right now because it's been a pretty long day. Actually, no. I'm feeling exhausted right now because I finally got to play badminton!!! It has been such a long time since I last played badminton (maybe it's been years!) and I had a lot of fun today... Now, I'm just feeling the aftereffects. x,x

 photo P1040772_zpsc1b76d2e.jpg
It was still a nice day with these girls though. ^^

Our initial plan was to meet up for breakfast, and then Kesslyn and I would proceed to town for some shopping. But, Jiaxuan invited us to join her boyfriend and herself for a few rounds of badminton. Woohoo! I was overjoyed!!! Lol. Haven't been able to find friends for some badminton these days.

Anyway, Kesslyn came by my place to pass me the stuffs she got us from Korea. It's ridiculous! Even without going to Korea, both my mother and I manage to spend a lot on their skincare. LOL.

Thereafter, we strolled down to Hougang Mall and Kesslyn got a makeover by The Faceshop.

 photo P1040754_zps06abf629.jpg
Her before; nude face!
So good already lo. Jealous max.

 photo P1040756_zps404c1abc.jpg

 photo P1040757_zpsd7ad49eb.jpg
The makeover turn out to take quite a while.
Jiaxuan end up waiting for us at the MRT Station for approximately an hour or so!

 photo P1040758_zps91b218c5.jpg
First half of the makeup.
I already think she looks good with this makeup.
When the person continued the makeover, the entire makeup was ruined.

 photo P1040760_zpsd61cb693.jpg
See what I mean?
Kesslyn was totally not used to it and end up cleaning off most of her eye makeup when she came my place after lunch.

Because the makeover took so freaking long (It was suppose to be a fast one?!) our plans were totally ruined! In the end, we dropped the idea of having pancakes at Farrer Park and settled for a mediocre lunch at the Ice Edge Cafe. I remember someone telling me that their food is pretty good. But mehhhh. It wasn't worth the calories or price.

 photo P1040761_zps835b88b2.jpg  photo P1040762_zps8c05e081.jpg

 photo P1040763_zps57cac4bf.jpg

 photo P1040764_zpsc5976634.jpg  photo P1040774_zps55123ab5.jpg

 photo P1040782_zps95306ba7.jpg
Treated them to lunch to celebrate Jiaxuan finishing her exams and Kesslyn starting on her new job.
Am really happy Kesslyn has finally got a job she is really interested in. ^^

 photo P1040783_zpse8e1bb94.jpg

 photo P1040784_zpsf42dc0d8.jpg

 photo P1040791_zpsb1cf6b72.jpg  photo P1040792_zpscbe00c20.jpg  photo P1040793_zps2bc5d6f1.jpg  photo P1040794_zps2ef113ee.jpg

After a really hearty lunch, we were all bloated! Got a ride from Jiaxuan's boyfriend and headed back home for a quick 10-minute change. This was also when Kesslyn used up a lot of my eye makeup remover to remove 80% of her makeup. LOL.

 photo 20140613_180519_zps84314322.jpg
Oh how I miss playing badminton. :')

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 photo P1040770_zps051c1b43.jpg

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 photo P1040773_zpsdbca4380.jpg 

Okay, bye! :D

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