Saturday, May 24, 2014

Quit Drinking. HA HA HA.

I've decided.
I'm going to quit drinking.

Talking like as if I'm an alcoholic. Of course, I don't drink a lot. In fact, I hardly drink!! I only drink when I hang out with Yanhua and Robbin (sometimes with Neo and Bin too!). Sadly, they are my only drinking buddies these days. And now, I've become from someone who hated beer to someone who can enjoy the taste of beer.​

Yesterday was a bit too much though.

Had a little too much beer; sharing five towers with four of the guys. Got really high and everything became blur after 11pm. I couldn't sleep when I got home and had to pace around my house until I was a little awake before I could finally rest, and wake up to a terrible terrible headache. -,- 夸张? I know I really had too much. &I hate the aftereffects of drinking.
So, I've decided. To stop at my second pint next time. Lol.

Last night was another get together, and possibly the last one till Yanhua returns from the UK a few months later :( Daniel, Weibin and Kesslyn joined too!

ps: Because Jiaxuan has once hung out with these guys, I would update her about their lives and whatnot, leaving Kesslyn really curious about these friends I have. So.... I brought her along and had a good time together last night! ^^ Super happy Daniel joined because I know the other guys are too "shy" to really engage with new people. Pfft.

 photo 1400870605376_zps0f24386d.jpg
Here, finally a selfie with Pototobbin! :D
Have been hanging out quite a bit with them, but I always forget to take a picture before going home. >:(
Last night, it was thanks to Weibin who had to take this shot to show his girlfriend that we have this shot. (Y)! Lol.
Somehow, I really miss hanging out with guys. It's different, and sometimes refreshing. Especially so with these guys because they don't really see me as a female. LOL. Also somehow made me miss hanging out with Darius, Nicholas, Eugene, Kristoffer and Gary back in the days. :/

ANYHOW!!! I'm super glad these guys would still ask me out every once in a while. TEEHEE. ♥

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