Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pillowtalk. ♥

My body is so so so screwed. Slept in the dawn for two consecutive days and my body now feel beyond zombie-fied. Old age. LOL! But these late nights were worth spoiling my body for! ^^ I'll just use the entire week to recover now. hehehehe.

Met up with Lance, Jolene, Karena, Chee Fai and Kesslyn last night. Went down to find them after my family dinner for some supper. But my stomach was freaking queasy throughout the entire day that I couldn't eat anything properly. T^T End up just spending time with these wonderful friends of mine. ♥

 photo IMG-20140525-WA0000_zpsb186fe69.jpg
Lance drove us home as usual. :D

 photo IMG-20140525-WA0001_zpsd9ccf273.jpg

As you can see, we had a lot of fun even when on the way home. LOL.
Poor Chee Fai, had to endure the slapping from Karena's hair. Hahahaha.

The night didn't end here for Jolene, Karena and myself though. Because Jolene didn't wanna go back home, and her other friends dozed off waiting for her, we end up laying down in my studyroom talking till dawn. IT WAS THE BEST FEELING EVER!!! I've always loved these girly moments. Especially with these girlfriends I love so much. ♥ hehhe. Our first pillowtalk! It was more precious because we've just been busy with our own lives these days... It would have been a perfect pillowtalk session if Weishan was with us too!! Still, no complains! At least we managed to have a not-so-sleepover sleepover!! hahaha. So, we talked mostly about relationship issues (Jolene did most of the talking heh), and for the first time, I shared with them some new things I've been feeling these days. It was really nice finally being about to let off some steam.

Okay, I need to rest now. :3

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