Thursday, May 22, 2014


​Jonghyun's "It's Late" on repeat ; A perfect song to listen to in my current mood, released at a perfect time too.

Feeling so empty that I have no idea what to blog about, but I just want to. Let my thoughts run wild and, maybe this hole in my heart can be covered. I am suddenly regretting my choice to watch episode 9 of "Witch's Romance" late at night. Past midnight. Bad choice. Sad episode. Making me feel so unbalanced. Why?

I sometimes yearn to feel all these emotions I get from watching dramas a little longer; For days instead of an hour. Dramas. The only source of sadness and heartaches. The only source to make my heart skip a beat.

I need to sleep early. Haven't been getting proper rest lately. These two weeks. I wonder if it's the supplements I've been taking. The difficulties to begin my sleep and, the random waking up in the middle of the night. Waking up and then having difficulties to sleep again. I end up just laying there like a corpse, trying to make myself sleep.

"Don't move at all. Maybe the body would be tricked into sleeping."
"Maybe I should just shake my legs till I feel tired."
"Another position would make me sleep better."

My usual tricks isn't working very well these days. Maybe it's because I've kicked the habit to storytell in my head? Maybe my mind needs the usual fairytales to coax myself to sleep? Hurrrrr.

How? I've exhaust my mind with useless thoughts. I've re-read and edited this useless entry a few times now. And, I've probably heard "It's Late" over twenty times. I am still feeling hollow.

Ahhh. This aftereffects from "Witch's Romance" episode 9. It doesn't even make sense. Why am I feeling this so randomly? There wasn't much in the episode to feel this.

My eyes are dry. Tired. Will I get to sleep right away? I ought to try.... Yes?


oww~ beautiful tonight. Oh say~ oh say~ Oh say~ oh say~

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