Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dining Out.

Ever since we've started our chiropractic sessions, the family has been dining out a lot more often than we used to. On a downside, we're spending a lot more money on food than anything else, and these good food would also eventually be reflected on our bodies too. LOL.

But on a bright side (as my father has repeated a million times now), the family is spending a lot more time together in the evening. Back in the past, for majority of the time, the father would be watching TV in the living room, mother in the kitchen doing her stuffs while both my sister and I would be in our rooms exercising our fingers on our phones or laptops. We hardly interact when they get back from work.

While I've been enjoying and treasuring these new bonding sessions with the family, I've also been very worried about their wallets and our bodies. Hahahaha. I won't feel this bad if I was working and contributing to these dinners once in a while~~~ :/ Imagine eating good every three evenings a week! Siao.

Anywayz, the family enjoyed another great meal tonight, courtesy to my sister! She treated us to Korean BBQ!!! Hansang Korean Family Restaurant at Novena Square 2.

 photo 20140522_190422_zpsc2f159dd.jpg
Decided on their buffet because for the meat selection, it was pretty worth it.

 photo 20140522_190728_zpsf806d2f6.jpg
Free flow of meaaaat!
Of course, not all the meat on the menu is free flow; but good to go with that few!

 photo 20140522_190953_zps236ca161.jpg
Also a one-time seafood.

 photo 20140522_191455_zpse72237e0.jpg
Free flow of kimchi and seafood pancake!
Also, free flow of soup and rice! :D

 photo IMG-20140530-WA0004_zps4dd92ff4.jpg
We later ordered this too. Patbingsu.

 photo IMG-20140530-WA0002_zps3516cca1.jpg
I look damn swollen that day. /hate x,x
And my hair is in this unflattering state again. -,-

 photo IMG-20140530-WA0001_zps7e37e116.jpg

Dining out is always nice. No need for preparations, no need to wash dishes, and there's people to serve you from the start till the end of the meal. BUT! I'm missing my mother's cooking so badly. :(

Actually, I've been missing my mothers' cooking even before we've started our chiropractic sessions........ :/ She has been just buying dinner back very often back then. T^T

Okay. Suddenly loss for words. Lol. That's all I have about dining out. I WANNA HAVE MORE HOMECOOKED FOOD MAMA!!

ps: No time no update because........ I've been busy. Cleaning the house, applying for jobs (no good news yet!) and watching dramas. HEHE.

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