Monday, March 31, 2014

March's Snapshots!

Hmmm.............. The best part of March this year, or possibly the best part of 2014, is the family's trip to Korea. There are a few more pictures I didn't manage to update in the entries so here I am spamming! :D

 photo IMG-20140223-WA0006_zps63fc3613.jpg
Specially bought it for our Korea trip. Hehe.

 photo IMG-20140308-WA0005_zps53edc0d7.jpg
Here's me being all lazy to pack.
I just took everything I need and throw it in. :X

 photo IMG-20140312-WA0021_zpsfa0058d3.jpg  photo IMG-20140312-WA0025_zps951abb67.jpg
@ Everland trying out their Giraffe headband! :D

 photo IMG-20140317-WA0006_zps754af895.jpg
I look a little too excited here uh? Lol.
Took this picture and whatsapped to Weishan. xD

 photo 2014-03-17202327_zps754d92ae.jpg
This too!

More on my Korea Trips: 8 Days with Hong Thai | 4 Days Free & Easy!!!
Broken up account if one long entry is too much for you: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 / Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8!!

Of course, apart from the amazing Korea Trip..........................................

 photo 20140305_134027_zps7302c61a.jpg
Sick Sugar.... :(
She was like this for a while. I came back home to take a few things but she was totally oblivious. She's usually very sensitive to noise but didn't even bother opening her eyes when I was walking around the house.

 photo 20140305_134039_zps4ec4d8ce.jpg

 photo 20140306_142023_zpse8a3977f.jpg
Her body rash.
Damn kuazhang.

 photo 20140306_142031_zps2b1a4c90.jpg
She just laid around like this all day throughout the week. :(

Was super worried because it was a week before our trip to Korea. We had plans to put her at a neighbours' place but it didn't work out because her being sick means she need proper care. In the end, we checked her in to the usual hotel.

Proof video of her eating well. And yes, she always bully us to feed her like that. -,-

 photo 20140309_162717_zpsb549b736.jpg

 photo 20140309_162802_zps328038c5.jpg
Her hotel room! Deluxe one some more okay! Lol.
This is just her sleeping room. They have this play area where all the dogs are together 80% of the time.

 photo IMG-20140322-WA0000_zps50f1bd33.jpg
Us back from Korea and she's wearing the Taekwondo uniform we got from Korea. xD
This was suppose to be for Rich but apparently Rich is too big for the shirt. Lol.

 photo IMG-20140331-WA0000_zps76c17872.jpg
See what this bitch is doing!!!!!!
Gave her supper on the floor but she picked up a few pieces and used MY pillow as her plate. -,-

 photo IMG-20140331-WA0003_zps3b758470.jpg

 photo P1020600_zps95075763.jpg
Earlier this month where we checked in to this hotel. Supposedly my sister's "graduation trip".

 photo P1020602_zps514f9eb7.jpg

 photo P1020603_zpsabacbd5e.jpg

 photo P1020605_zps5a8b488c.jpg

 photo P1020606_zpsa0491fae.jpg

 photo P1020607_zpsfdc0f980.jpg
Room so big. So shiok!

 photo P1020612_zpse16b9782.jpg
They prepared a surprise for her friend. So nice...
The same night, I also got a surprise from Zylia. hehe.

 photo P1020613_zpse61c03b1.jpg

 photo P1020618_zps3787f945.jpg

 photo 20140309_165947_zpsb4b7a1a3.jpg
Dad's new car. Apparently, this color is a horrible choice.
So obvious when it's dusty. And because the family is somewhat a clean freak, we're going for car wash very often! -,-

 photo IMG-20140307-WA0008_zpsdc2ff81c.jpg
Here's me heating up soup for Weishan the day she came by to surprise me. :')

What a great month. ♥

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