Thursday, March 27, 2014

An Afternoon With Spousey!!

Quick update about my afternoon.

Random meetup with Weishan earlier today because she wanted to watch "Non-Stop". :D Was suppose to meet Sera but she had other commitments and had to postpone our date. :(

Anyhow! Today was still nice since it's been a while Weishan and I went out for a movie. ^^ We also traveled down to Kent Ridge station to try out this new Crepe Shop in town! :D


 photo P1040200_zps73bb6d27.jpg  photo P1040205_zps218ea507.jpg
Both of us are not into savory crepes, so we ordered sweet ones! I had Apple Crumble while Weishan ordered their D24 Durian.

I really liked my Apple Crumble! But.... it got a little bit too sweet at the end. Like.. all the sugar were at the bottom or something. >< I love their Durian one too! Not sure if it's because I haven't had Durian for the longest time or I'm just being biased because Durian is one of my favourite fruits! xD Weishan didn't finish hers though.... She got sick of it. I guess... it's better to share sweet crepes because it can end up being too much for one. Their crepes are really big! Was very filling for the both of us. We end up skipping dinner too! But I had strudels. Hehehehehe. They have Ritz Strudels beside! :O

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