Saturday, August 10, 2013

Singapore's 48th Birthday! :D

Yesterday was a great National Day with the family and happypills~ <3

It was simple.

Waking up early to spend the day at g.Spa with the family. Sister and I went to their gym before having a nice bath, spa and then relax before having lunch with my parents. The three of them had massages thereafter though. I just stoned in the sleeping corner. :3 I never really enjoyed massages.

Is it weird? Because I don't like people touching me. LOL.

 photo 20130809_120811_zps72bcc092.jpg

 photo 20130809_142857_zps4c91880e.jpg

Anyway, evening came pretty fast and my dad drove me to Lance's place for my second activity!

National Day with my happypills!!!! :D
Supposedly wanted to eat steamboat but it's a hassle so we planned to order pizzas and stuff. We end up having MacDonald's because Lance live in a place no one wants to go to. LOL.

It was a simple cozy night sitting around watching the National Day parade together. :)

Me: Let's try to go to the parade together when Singapore turn 50!
Karena: But why? We'll all be old and wrinkled.
Those who heard got confused.

LOL! This bimbo is always bringing us laughter!! Turns out Gary also mistook what I said. Tsk tsk.

After the parade, we chilled in Lance house for another hour watching "Mata Mata" before slacking some more until we decide to head down to Yishun dam to end the night.

We also drop by Jalan Kayu for some Selegie beancurd. HEHE.

Another funny episode happened.

Weishan and I were in-charge of getting the things. And when we were heading back to the car, she didn't pay attention and almost opened the door to someone else's car!!!!! It was pretty epic because she really almost opened the door until I called out to her. LOL.

Night didn't end too late though. We only managed to spend a little under 2 hours (played camp games again haha) in the place before I had to rush back home. T^T

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 photo P1130807_zps4bd525d3.jpg

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 photo P1130799_zps43b2559f.jpg

 photo P1130800_zpsd2a76116.jpg

 photo P1130809_zps30bff56d.jpg

 photo P1130801_zpsf1bcf930.jpg

 photo P1130802_zps9d64741f.jpg

 photo P1130803_zpsaec1f5f5.jpg

 photo P1130804_zpsc847cc13.jpg

 photo P1130805_zpsba45396a.jpg

 photo P1130806_zpsac204662.jpg

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 photo P1130812_zps910cec60.jpg

 photo P1130817_zpsc125f451.jpg

 photo P1130818_zps1c911c19.jpg

While we camwhoreeeeeeed the guys..........
 photo P1130819_zps9bfcd204.jpg

 photo P1130820_zps731df894.jpg

 photo P1130821_zps94bc253a.jpg
So we continued. xD

 photo P1130829_zps53abffeb.jpg
&dragged them to join. hehe

 photo P1130830_zps5046d6c8.jpg

 photo P1130831_zps471799b2.jpg

 photo P1130832_zps81764647.jpg

 photo P1130833_zps11d91c38.jpg

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 photo CYMERA_20130810_005150_zps0cf913b6.jpg

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