Saturday, August 03, 2013


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Met up with my girlfriends and Lance last night for dinner @ Nakhon Kitchen.

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It was probably one of the best nights we have had together. ^^
All the heart to heart talks and just.... chatting. ♥
Dear spousey even shed a few tears while talking. :')

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I'm always thankful for whoever stayed by my side all these years...
Thankful for the friends who were there for me...
Thankful for the friends who would think of me...
Thankful for the friends who would always ask me along to hang out...
But, I can never be thankful enough for the three of them. Especially Weishan. :)

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Jolene looks so cute here. lol.

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It's quite amazing how this group of friends got together and became so close even though Jolene hated a few of us at first. HAHAHA!

Although one can never predict the future, I'll remain thankful for the memories we've had in the past and in the coming future, no matter how long it's gonna be. ♥

"You don't need cool friends to be cool, you don't need to be cool to have friends; i just want to stick to them because when i'm with them i feel like myself, the real self of me." - Yaping 2010