Friday, August 30, 2013

Mookata with the 'under 1.6m'! xD

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So..... our new groupchat is now "Under 1.6m" because we're all under 1.6m (duh!) lolol.
Cute right? XD

We've finally met up in full strength after years!!! I can't even remember the last time we actually met up with all 5 of us present! It was nice catching up with each other and getting to know some of their love stories over the years. ♥♥

We met up to have dinner at 16 Circular Road's Tom Yum Kung Fu...

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 photo P1130880_zps67c13b71.jpg

 photo P1130881_zpsbb36a3e9.jpg

My second and last time there. I swear.
(Please don't ask me to eat mookata from any place anymore, please.. T^T)

It's not that the food is bad but it isn't fantastic and I hate hate hate the awful smell after dinner.
So, with the average food quality, it is definitely not worth the smell I have to deal with.
I washed my hair twice last night and can still smell the mookata this morning!!!! Zzz

In fact, I didn't even eat much!!! I only cooked for Yugine and Simin but the smoke kept coming towards me. T^T

I'm whining because I still feel smelly and uncomfortable. ><
But maybe, it's because we're indoors this time. :/ So it's really bad.
The smell was also bad the first time I went though. Grrrrr.

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We've been friends since we were 17 through DPA.
But, we haven't been meeting up because of our own commitments.
Still, I am thankful to have known these beautiful ladies and hope that we'll continue to meet up more often. ^^