Sunday, September 01, 2013

Apples for Snow White.

 photo 20130901_163648_zpsfb7b00b7.jpg
Doesn't this apple look like it's one that Snow White ate?
It looks much prettier in real life though..
But but but, it isn't nice at all. Zz
Not my kindda apple, waste my money. :(

 photo 20130831_190220_zps3e50736f.jpg
Family day Saturday!

 photo 20130831_190056_zpsd6ec4277.jpg

 photo 20130831_190021_zpse9497598.jpg

 photo 20130831_183000_zps231c73e1.jpg

 photo 20130831_182857_zps4fd4df6d.jpg

 photo 20130831_182904_zps5b068fca.jpg

 photo 20130831_182931_zps5468882c.jpg

 photo 20130831_175430_zps0ab47f14.jpg
Yes that apple cost me $9.50/2 and it's the size of two small apples.

 photo 20130831_175530_zps9223470c.jpg
Freaking expensive but so pretty! xD

 photo IMG-20130827-WA0000_zps5be35272.jpg
&Here's a random upload of my friends in class. hehe.
Spot which is Weishan. xD
She wasn't in class so we took a picture with the panda. :3