Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Etude's Pink Play Party :3

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ps: Obviously not us.

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ps: I don't have a favourite member just so happen his queue was the shortest~ xD

Usually, I'm the type who would quickly rush home after an event/concert to blog about it so I won't forget the excitement and happiness I feel. However, there were more disappointments from the event last night that I just wanted to rest my exhausted body instead.

Disappointments from how badly the event was organized. From the bad estimation of activity time to the short appearance of SHINee and Sulli who also barely spoke at all. :/

The only good thing I got from the event was to meet up with Ain (fellow shawol from Malaysia~) and to hangout after the whole "party". She was the main reason I got a chance to experience the whole party in fact!! And I only spent about S$30. ^^

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When the contest was announced, I wasn't really bothered to even try. One has to purchase at least S$100 worth of Etude products, each S$20 is entitled to a peel card of one member and you need 5 members to make a set. You may not get 5 different members so you'll prolly have to buy more than S$100.

Tickets were given to first 400 entries and lucky 250.

Quite crazy.

And I was never a fan of their products to begin with~

So, there was this day Ain randomly contacted me asking for help - to collect some peel cards from someone since she's in Malaysia and can't. It was on my recent visit to USS. Because of my awesome friends, I was able to do collection and she kindly invited me to the event if she'd won.

Well,,, these cards were free.
She continued to hunt for more cards to make one set and we'd spent about.... $65 in total for 2 sets. Quite alright comparing to others who had spent hundreds.

My details were also used to register for the draw.

I was never friends with lady luck, so I wasn't expecting much.
(Though I practiced the secret for it xD)

A week before the event, winners were finally announced and I was super duper happy we won!!

Won't say the whole party was a waste of my time. At least I got to experience such an event and know that I'll never do it again even if I was paid to. Lol.


Queuing for the event officially started at 10am. But, I know some friends who were there overnight. Zz

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By the time Ain arrived at the event (2pm+), the queue was almost a HALFWAY AROUND MBS!!!
No joke or exaggeration. Literally almost halfway around.
When I tried looking for her, it felt like I'll never see the end to the queue!!!! Madness.

(It's real though, I didn't get to see the end of the line. :/)

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I'll never be able to win these hardcore fans because they are simply too..... hardcore and.... insane. I initially thought there won't be much advantages to be the first few in the queue since we still had to complete some activities to enter the stage area.

I was never so wrong.

Obviously, being first few in the queue means you'll get to complete the activities really quickly and get admitted into the stage area really fast. These people who manage to be really close to the stage probably has spent their time and money worthwhile since they get to see the idols up close.

But then again, the event was pretty short and SHINee appeared for less than half the time!!! So yeah, it won't be that worthwhile for me still. :/ Considering how much time and money I have wasted to be squeezed and hurt from seeing SHINee up close for about............. 30 minutes tops?

Anyway, to enter the stage area, we were suppose to complete three activities out of the five. (One of it is to take pictures with the life-size posters, which explains me and Taemin. lol) But because there were too many people and too little time, we got to just get stamps on our "passport" after queuing for each activity.

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One of the activities we had to do~

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Cui. lol.

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Saw Priscilla! ^^

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I have to admit though... The event hall was quite pretty with everything pink.

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Everywhere I go, I see heads heads and more heads....
I should never forget how much I hate crowds. lol.

By the time Ain and I entered the stage area, the place was 3/4 filled. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

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Our initial view.

 photo P1120204_zps8e07cb18.jpg
&Then we shifted to the other side of the hall~

 photo P1120201_zps8bbf57b0.jpg
Perks of being short. ;_______;

 photo P1120206_zps9dca4473.jpg
We gave up and moved to the very very very back of the hall.
Also to avoid the crowd and all the squeezing. Zz

 photo P1120211_zps94fcb9e8.jpg
emcee Ross! :D

 photo P1120214_zps509e79b6.jpg

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 photo P1120223_zps448332ac.jpg
Kevin 老师 from Taiwan~

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Sulli Sulli Sulli !!!

 photo P1120229_zps041dcfc6.jpg
Speaking only the necessaries about Etude products~

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Lucky draw picking~

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Taking pictures with lucky draw winners after presenting their prizes~

 photo P1120246_zps99195213.jpg
&going backstage already.

That's pretty much everything she did after flying all the way here from Korea. Barely talking, picking lucky draw winners, snap snap pictures, presenting prizes and going in and out of the backstage. Zzz It would have been more worthwhile if she was here to do more.......... Like, just talk, play some of the games or something.

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At least she gave cute fan-services and smiled A LOT~~~

 photo P1120261_zps5c20715b.jpg
Kevin 老师's attempt to make a doll look even more like a doll.

 photo P1120263_zps11278c5a.jpg
She's already freaking gorgeous!
I can't stop exclaiming that whenever they do a closeup shot of her.
5holes bleed T^T

 photo P1120257_zpsd27f8fc8.jpg
So pretty alreaaaaaaaaaady!!!!!

After what seem like the longest 15 minutes eeeever~

SHINee finally appeared on stage to perform "Dream Girl" !!!

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 photo P1120292_zps7906de80.jpg

Maybe it's just me, but I've never really seen Onew so expressionless while performing "Dream Girl" ><

 photo P1120329_zps95e7817d.jpg

When "Dream Girl" ended, it looked as though they were prepared for some interview or some sort.
But nuuuuuuuuuuuu, they were just sent backstage.

 photo P1120332_zpsc8b5cd52.jpg
Barely did anything and heading backstage already.


 photo P1120334_zpsf8961c2f.jpg

So stupid.

 photo P1120337_zpsd7ed6d44.jpg
Back on~

 photo P1120340_zpsc9d6c6f2.jpg
Finally introducing themselves~
I could barely hear what they said except for Key's "Hello, I'm Key!"

 photo P1120341_zps37fbe4bd.jpg

 photo P1120342_zps650a00f9.jpg

 photo P1120343_zps4486c201.jpg

 photo P1120344_zpsc6dfbfd9.jpg

and yeah, every now and then, there are cameras and ipads covering my view. lol. I barely saw them and took these pictures tip-toeing with my arms totally stretched to the maximum. xD I believe I only saw the top of their heads from my view. LOL. Pretty much gave up looking and just saw them from the screen while listening to their semi-live performances.

 photo P1120345_zpsd466e65c.jpg

 photo P1120347_zps51e2f4d2.jpg

 photo P1120349_zpsececfef4.jpg
Sulli's back for more prize presentation!
(Just one on behalf of Minho)

 photo P1120350_zpse93e5725.jpg

 photo P1120351_zpsb489cfcc.jpg

I can't really remember what happened thereafter and all~ :/ Getting so old and forgetful.

More expressions from here on, I guess?

&Here's their encore stage after merely 3 songs. Zz

SHINee looked pretty confused throughout the event. Especially when they were ushered to go backstage after performing a little, talking a little and all~ It was quite stupid. After "Dream Girl", they put away their micstands preparing to do some interview or some form of communication. But the emcee just said we'll see them again.

?!?! Whut?!

They were very less smile-ly too. :((

Very very not smile-ly in fact. :/

It doesn't look like they were tired though. Just expressionless. Blank.

Not even like they were acting cool. lol. Just expressionless and blank.

Everyone but Key was expressionless.

Key was quite nice, still yelling random things like he love us and introducing "Beautiful". He was also the only one who did fan-service, waving and smiling. :)

Ain was quite upset the other three didn't smile much. lol. I blame the organizers for not briefing them on what to do and causing confusion but she thinks they should have been a little more professional and smile even when they were confused or pissed or upset.

If I were to rank them based on their coldness last night it would be Taemin, Onew, Jonghyun and Key.
(Obviously, Key being the less cold.) Then again, Taemin is expressionless most of the time. So, I was more sad I didn't get to see Onew's wide smile. T^T He didn't look very himself in the interviews too.... Like a little forced smile? T^T WHY LIKE THAT!!!!!!

Speaking of interviews, Key was really cute in this (starting 01:18):

 photo tumblr_ms8uhkdcSV1qihji8o1_500_zps48c60ac5.gif
When Ross couldn't understand his "Wonder Pore".
ps: idk how she heard water though lolol.

 photo tumblr_ms8uhkdcSV1qihji8o2_500_zps30c6728a.gif

 photo tumblr_msdbhrmECq1sxoiheo1_500_zpsacfec58d.gif
&his expression when Ross went "Sweetheart, you speak Korean and English, I only speak English. So you are better than me" hahahahahahaha.
He replied "Wow, you're smart." SO CUTE!

ps: Credits to whoever did the GIFs

I really like Key speaking English. He doesn't need any translators at all. Zz

Here's a more smile-ly SHINee to end this entry on a good note. :3

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Event freebies!!!!
So, half of my S$30 here too. xD

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