Monday, August 26, 2013

A Busy Week.

It's been an extremely busy week. Extremely!

Haven't really slept much since Thursday. ><
Ending my day at 4am and starting it at 8am/9am..

But I'm happy! Because one of our reports is 98% completed and ready for submission in... three weeks! ^^ I have to quickly start on an individual report this week though...... I'm always so slow in everything I do. Projects, reports and even dishes, ironing and all the other chores. lol. :x

The past week has been hectic but I had a few days I wanted to blog.

There was this Tuesday morning where I was overwhelmed with emotions because it was a long bus ride to school and raining... and SHINee's ballads were on..... My mood was so... gloomy.

Gloomy but in a good way. I was people-watching. Since it was early in the morning, the bus was mostly filled with Secondary School students. Oh how I miss those times! ~,~ Having spent 22 years living, my days in Secondary School is still the peak of my life, thus far.

I had a lot more thoughts during the bus ride but it was too early to structure my sentences so I didn't bother typing them out. Lol.

Anyhow, it's been a long week with report rushing and meeting up with friends!
And because I couldn't blog during the week, I'm going to compile it into this entry so that after tomorrow's event, I don't have to figure out how to go about blogging everything. HEHEHE.

Longgggg entry, let's go!
Oh oh! I've been sleeping so little because the time I'm suppose to do work was spent with my friends and thus, I had to sacrifice sleep to finish what I have to do. :)

I've never felt like my days were so well spent though. xD But I'm not gonna do it again because it is so so taxing on my frail body. lolol. Words from the aging. x,x

 photo 20130820_202940_zps73f08e55.jpg
Met up with Zylia on Tuesday for a simple dinner.
Both of us weren't craving for anything and end up having dinner at Hougang Mall's Lenas. :3 I should have went with the steak instead of salmon though.... Because she unexpectedly paid for dinner. WOOHOO~~ I'm always in for free meals. HEHZ. ♥

And then Wednesday was the start of my report writing.

I felt quite useless because I struggled to start the bloody report and at the end of.... 10 hours? I realize I didn't have to do one part but another. It was a misunderstanding on my part. I was so......... #@%#@$#@&$(#$ With myself. Like... how stupid can I be man. lol.

But Wednesday was a good day.

Amidst report doing, I was pm-ed to check the results for some lucky draw I took part in... I've never ever been lucky in my life thus far BUT I WON THE TICKET TO AN EVENT TO SEE SHINee!!!!! Which is happening tomorrow and therefore, I have to finish blogging all the backlogs before I blog about my experience. LOL. XD I was extremely happy, I even broke out in cold sweat!

My happiness didn't last long though. LOL. I had to get my mind back into report, so I allowed myself to dance around in the room for about half hour. . . Nah, I didn't dance. XD And it wasn't for half hour.. I think I was excited and screaming in my head for about 5-10 minutes before I continued writing my report. Hurrrr.

And then, class on Thursday afternoon before coming home to fine tune one brief report and dinner with Darius Gary and Eugene at Nakhon Kitchen. I just realize we didn't take pictures... T^T And I probably won't be seeing Darius and Eugene for a freaking long time...................... ;__________; A really random meetup because Darius is flying off to UK straight after he ORD and for 3 years. :/

It was nice catching up that night though. I lost my energy after dinner and was just passing time blabbering and stuff. lol.

That night was also one of the toughest night thus far.

(This is going to be such a freaking long entry. x,x)

It was the toughest and longest night because I got to know a series of things. One after another when I was already feeling very meh. I got from feeling blue to really really really shocked, pissed, upset and just.... perplexed.

I was overwhelmed with a myriad of emotions suddenly.

Became blank for a while when I was suppose to do work. ;; End up using an hour to recover myself and get back on track with work. I'm glad it was a busy night because report helped me get over the whole situation like how my happiness was short-lived on Wednesday. LOL. I just got a hug, teared a little bit and got right back to work. :'|

The quick recovery of the incident is quite surprising. Maybe, my heart has grown stronger... Or maybe, I'm no longer bothered about the friendship. :/ I may have gotten over the stories that night, but I'm still very affected. It'll always be a mystery why what I was told were all "packaged".

I'd always thought I was someone the friend could trust. I'd always thought I was someone the friend doesn't need to be fake around. I'd always known the friend's a chameleon but I'd never thought the friend would be one around me too. Apparently, all my thoughts were wrong; and I find it so disheartening that I can no longer trust this friend as much as I used to. I've decided not to be too focused on the lies and just live by being neutral. It's too much pain to be careful around someone. Especially with someone who's supposedly very dear to me.

ANYWAY! Friday was up next. I'd spent the day rushing work and schoolwork before going out for dinner with Jasmine, Yanhua, Robbin and Micheal.

 photo 20130823_205857_zps1e52b899.jpg

 photo IMG-20130823-WA0022_zps95511ede.jpg

 photo IMG-20130823-WA0027_zpsf6514499.jpg

 photo IMG-20130823-WA0026_zpsf83e8e47.jpg
We had Korean BBQ for dinner.
It was at Super Star K and dinner was good!
A little pricey considering the small servings but I won't say it isn't worth for the quality of meat. :)

 photo IMG-20130823-WA0030_zpsa2fe59cc.jpg

 photo IMG-20130823-WA0028_zpse50ab10a.jpg

 photo IMG-20130823-WA0031_zpsd5ee03ac.jpg

 photo IMG-20130823-WA0023_zpsc8312ba2.jpg

 photo IMG-20130823-WA0025_zps0f3431be.jpg

 photo IMG-20130823-WA0024_zps3c215ee0.jpg
And yes, these 4 small pieces is considered one serving. :O

 photo IMG-20130824-WA0002_zpsc3871601.jpg

 photo IMG-20130824-WA0001_zpsbc4065ae.jpg

 photo IMG-20130824-WA0000_zps6b876379.jpg

Night ended at 5am. But it was the day my report was finally done with it's content. Lol.

And on Saturday, I struggled to wake up.

But I still did.

Roughly finished up the report, emailed it for editing and then poof! I went to have breakfast with the family. It's been extremely long since I woke up early to have breakfast with them. They are always challenging me saying how much I won't wake up and stuff. x,x But I'm glad I did.

Had a sumptuous breakfast before some grocery shopping! ^^

Poor Jiaxuan had to wait 2 hours for me though. ><

Quickly rush home after breakfast and prepared to meet my girls! HEHE.

 photo 1377331775796_zpsdca55392.jpg

 photo 1377331766828_zps60817d62.jpg

 photo 1377331762384_zpsd5ecece4.jpg

 photo 1377331759809_zps36f38513.jpg

 photo 1377331772636_zpsbd3cbdde.jpg

First thing we did when we finally met up was to head down to Suntec City so I could COLLECT MY TICKETS TO THE PINK PARTY!!!! :D :D :D Was so freaking excited I kept smiling to myself whenever I thought about it. HEHE.

 photo P1130851_zpscd233586.jpg

Suntec has changed so so so much though. :O It looks so classy now.

But it was rather huge so we had a difficult time trying to figure the place to collect the tickets. >< Lucky there was no queue and we quickly got the tickets before proceeding to some flea in Suntec and then have Tony Roma's for dinner with Kesslyn joining after her work!! ^^

We didn't really know where to go after dinner so we went satisfying Kesslyn's craving for chocolate desserts at 3.inch.sin. Couldn't eat a lot. T^T

 photo P1130844_zpsc371cc24.jpg

 photo P1130850_zpsb4965fe5.jpg
Sadly, the lava cake wasn't as good as I remembered. :/

 photo P1130849_zps6d57f98c.jpg

 photo P1130846_zps931d5df9.jpg
Camwhore shots up ahead! :D

 photo 1377348121697_zps4d731076.jpg

 photo 1377348108759_zpse96a7a2a.jpg

 photo 20130824_202427_zpsd602a02e.jpg

 photo 20130824_202431_zpsdf77b642.jpg

 photo 1377357954368_zps0ad60ff8.jpg

 photo 1377348241304_zpsfee795b9.jpg

 photo 1377348238561_zps3c103f2b.jpg

 photo 1377348181287_zpsbf7af251.jpg

 photo 1377348176096_zpsaa7024e4.jpg

 photo 1377348170694_zpsc0f262d4.jpg

 photo 1377348154028_zps474031e4.jpg

 photo 1377348173064_zps19b68b5a.jpg

 photo 1377348200822_zps1898db54.jpg

Are you sick of our faces yet? XD

 photo 1377348139526_zps98c7d15b.jpg

 photo 1377348135158_zps9cb1d27d.jpg
Kesslyn likeacute. :3

 photo 1377348132084_zps92736587.jpg

 photo 1377348124491_zpsf73d1c70.jpg

 photo 20130824_202617_zpsf839a07b.jpg

 photo 1377447971926_zps5705235d.jpg

 photo 1377447970037_zps59bce36f.jpg

 photo 1377447967878_zpsf893e7a1.jpg
Downward angle also okay. xD

 photo 1377447966121_zps474ff80b.jpg

 photo 1377447963248_zps982e0d94.jpg

 photo 1377447954980_zps86d60e02.jpg

 photo 1377447952540_zpsc97ff4c3.jpg

 photo 1377447949609_zpsd47a9178.jpg

 photo 1377447947163_zpsd3992367.jpg

 photo 1377447938407_zps30d03c97.jpg

 photo 1377348178132_zpscfa7db8c.jpg

&&&&&& That was how my hectic week went. ^^