Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sugar & Partial Happypills~ ♥

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This entry is pretty much gonna be filled with just pictures.
Mostly overloaded with Sugar's ultimate cuteness and some with our faces. :D

Before and after meeting up with ECclassmates to celebrate Dickson's birthday, I went to Karena's place to chill and hung out with a few of my happypills (respectively). :3

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She was super sweet! Knowing my tummy was upset and offered to pack food for me. :')

 photo 20130517_201657_zpsaade9877.jpg
Brought this devil to her place because.......
I don't know? I just felt it because I wanted to see Karena and Karena wanted to see Sugar. lol.

 photo 20130517_202545_zpsf84251d7.jpg
It was as if she was in her own house, hopping and running around in Karena's room, even exploring her bed! Lol.

 photo 20130517_202148_zps78cb9b46.jpg
But fair enough, Karena had her fair share of dressing Sugar up.
Check out her butt! hehe.

 photo 20130517_202439_zpsa6c70f54.jpg
Doing what she love, people-watching!
Her eyes look as if they were lighted up!

 photo 20130517_203007_zps98a13f00.jpg
Sugar claiming her first soft toy in Karena's place. lol.
&Yeah, she changed her butt headband to a sunflower clip. SO CUTE.

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 photo 20130517_204254_zps61da67b8.jpg

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Here's behind the scene to snap a good shot of Sugar!

 photo 20130517_203051_zps504d2b85.jpg

 photo 20130517_204342_zps752c2b3a.jpg

 photo IMG-20130517-WA0003_zpsd71f0eee.jpg
Of course, we camwhored too! hehe.

 photo 2013-05-09-19-53-46_deco_zps708c06c5.jpg
*Random insert of Sugar watching tv together onwith me.*

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After the celebration, trained down to Kovan to end the night with a few of my happypills.

People always think we meet up often. Truth is, we used to, but we've been busy!
Last night was the first time we met since....... 2 MONTHS & 16 DAYS AGO!
Yes, that's a very long time.

 photo 20130518_001527_zps8107c98e.jpg

 photo 20130518_001541_zps97002f72.jpg
While we're catching up and having fun, two of our dear friends were mugging....

 photo IMG-20130518-WA0005_zps95f23e8c.jpg    photo IMG-20130518-WA0006_zps857d849f.jpg
They were so cute, taking a picture and sending us that because I shared out fun-times picture. xD

 photo 20130518_001610_zps70429e17.jpg

 photo 20130518_001617_zps6ed02224.jpg
Two shots taken by Weizhong who was working there!
So nice to meet someone you haven't seen in years!

 photo 20130517_204347_zpsb61d2365.jpg
CUTE HOR. hehe.

 photo 20130517_202233_zpse2d7df39.jpg
Favourite shot of the night.