Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Walk With Me

When I think about the paths I've passed, the decisions I've made and, all that has happened in the past; I can't control telling myself:

"What if I didn't do what I did..." or

"If I didn't choose this route..."

and whatnot~~ I never regretted any decisions or anything I've done in life but it's just inevitable for me to wanna change things at times. . .

Some things and some people were so important; I really don't want the change. Sigh...

Okay wait wait. Maybe there's this one decision that I've regretted not making; THAT IS, TO NOT BUY THAT TOP I REALLY LOVE WHEN IT WAS STILL AVAILABLE!!!! Arg~~~~ Lol.

PS: I am alright. Just emo-ish. (:

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