Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thanks Cindy. LOL!

So, I wasn't going to wait till Wednesday to blog anyway. LOL!
Got a tad emotional last night but hey! me recovers very very fast. ;)

I'm awaiting for my laundries to be done so I can quickly prepare and head out to meet Weishan, Gary and Jolene? (: While I'm at it; decided to do some quiz Cindy tagged me. . .

1. How would you picture yourself?
Someone really random and lame who loves to laugh - Like laugh a lot. At the same time, I think I'm someone who's uptight and way too serious; depending on situations. Am a family, friend, people and home-oriented person. And I cannot tolerate being disrespected/disregarded. Lol. I hate to do repeats (like, talks, assurance and whatnot.)

2. How would you picture yourself in 2 years?
Probably job-hunting for one I'm interested in so I can pursue my degree based on it? :D And maybe start searching for bonds to help with University fees. (:

3. How would you picture your best friend?
Someone who's similar to me. Someone I can rely on? Someone who's there when I need someone and response to my random calls/sms-es . One whom I can be extremely comfortable with.

4. How would you picture your boyfriend?
Someone older. Must not be afraid of bugs! LOL~
Must be able to communicate well with my family (like friends) and has to be funny. ;) Has to understand and accept who I am. (Lol. So old school.) Someone who can guide me along in life, more knowledgeable than me and decisive. One who's not clingy nor easily jealous! Somewhat like best friends, where I can bitch with and discuss about the opposite gender.
Earns his own moneyyyyyy~~ Not very spendthrift too. Hopefully someone who's similar to me.
***One who loves chores and enjoys/can do cooking would be plus plus points! Lol.

5. What are the things you wish you did till today?
Bought that top!!! LOL.
Er... Sec. 2 holiday routines, maybe? :/
This is tough...

Those are all I can think of as of now. :S Lol.

End up not meeting Weishan that early because I found lunch.
And as a punishment to be so last minute, I swallowed a fish bone accidentally again. =.=

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