Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yet Another Word-Post

Sigh~~ Another wasted day... :S
Am pretty much disappointed with myself- again! "Again and again and again and again~~" lol...
Driving was fairly good today, no parking; aish! But anyhow, did a lot of turnings and a U-turn. Freaking scary and nerve-wrecking to me. :(:(:(:(:( Feel like such a noob. -.-

Okay, this is yet another word-post. There's nothing wrong with blogger for me; Thank god! But, ain't uploading pictures because I feel both naggy and lazy. xD Lol. Another reason? I'm currently using touchie to blog, with extreme fear that if I'm on my laptop now, I might just spend another 2-3hours staring at it; blog hopping, getting updated and just surfing the net- just like what I've done for the whole of today's afternoon. Epic fail~ like seriously :(:(:(:(:(:( Appearing offline doesn't help with reducing my time online... Zzz
(and now, you know why I'm not online... Lol.)

Damn sad that I had to disappoint Sheryl and miss the Vietnam trip. -.-
Sigh~~ Pretty sucky to be financially tight. Am sorry but driving is my priority now... :(:(:( lets hope my "next time" really does happen. Lol.

Alrighty, I'mma going back to Mr. TeeVee now... CSI is interesting... Lol. &&& MADE up next!!! Happy~~

Night people!
PS: pardon for any typo. Lazy to correct them. Pretty troublesome with my touchie...

I just realize I have a few pictures in Gary's, Limguan and my phone!! Few pictures taken on the "last day" of our Semester... Lol. Will upload them all when I have them.
Goodnight folks!

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