Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Two Exits?!

Omona~ I'm feeling extremely tired now. But is still going to finish this entry. Hardcore blogger. HAHA! No worries, it's not only a word post for today... :D I'll try to be less naggy and do a short entry okay?
(Confirm a fail.. LOL!)

When there's NPCONCC around, there'll definitely be jokes about each other or just stupid things we do or say and stuff. HAHA!

First up; Someone actually board a bus from the opposite bus stop when she don't even have to go to the opposite. (Does that even make sense? I'm sleepy... LOL!) So instead of heading to Compass Point she took a bus heading towards Ang Mo Kio. =.= LOL! And if she didn't cab to Compass Point, I won't have been the one late. :( LOL! Worse thing, I WAS MERELY

Because of being late for a mere 1 minute, had to treat Weishan to a Starbucks drink. :( Ice-blended mocha~~~
She asked me to type this!!! LOL! So that we can remember. -.- Lol.
PS: STOP BEING EMO OKAY! Love you plenty~~~ Hehe...

Here's the someone. Make your guess. LOL!

Studying was alright I guess? That includes many "breaks" and random small chats ~~ Weishan keeps drifting away! Lol. You have to thank me for asking you to focus most of the time okay!! HAHA! Bought sandwiches when we settled down in Subway. And ate it only after an hour?! Lol. When the place starts getting crowded... Smart us right? So people won't chase us away for studying. xD

Going crazy~ Hate this hair length like really!

Rabbit face. LOL! I like this picture. NOT THE PERSON. xD

Second stupid thing; Our order included a large drink and 3 cookies. We both ate one cookie each. While studying after lunch, someone came to clear our table. Asking if he could, I took the cup and thanked him. But, half an hour later- I realise we're left with one cookie! HAHA! Such a waste. xD

Finally had her craving for Subway cookies~

The two cookies we ate... Wasted one. :S LOL!

After about 4 hours glued to the seat, Yaping came.

Continued with "studying" before Jolene came at around... 4pm?

Seriously, being glued to an uncomfortable seat for about... 6 freaking hours is no joke! Our butts felt damn painful and even went numb. -.- LOL! We didn't take any breaks or left the seat~~ :S Lol.

I looked that retarded there because of my hair. -.- LOL!

Scary right?! Smiling to herself... LOL!!! Sick~ =x

Scary reminds me of something. Today, I had an encounter. =x I was all alone at home. Prepared to go out and first headed to the toilet to wash my face- with the door closed. Then halfway through, I heard something coming from my storeroom. Like as if someone was taking out the vacuum cleaner. Feeling a bit confused and freaked out, I thought it might be my paranoia. But the noise/sound was definitely real. My family members will definitely talk to me or something if they came home or something. So, it was not them. Confirm.
Was damn afraid to open the toilet door because i might find the house totally empty. :S But still did. LOL! As expected, there was no one in the house at all... Walked around, no one. Empty.
Then, I heard another noise. Coming from outside my house... Quicken my pace to check it out..

Opened the wooden door without peeking and found my Dad! HAHAHHAH. So stupid; it was my dad afterall. This totally proves that we shouldn't assume and be too paranoid. -.- LOL.

Distracted already! Lol.

Taking pictures...

Back to studying?

Guess not~ LOL! Funny thing there were doing...
WEISHAN! I've never seen you smiling so happy from a picture before! HAHA!

Later, Cindy came.

So happy? LOL!

Chatted and slacked a while before leaving.

Pingpong studied a while more.

Then met Serene on the way. All the waiting and all occurred before we settled down in Ajisen for dinner. Gave Ivy and Soohou their birthday dinner treats. Walked around and decides to settle in Starbucks for a short chilling and chatting session.


Third funny thing: Was telling them something during our chill and chat session at Starbucks. Said something like; "*something something* Two Philippine friends." and this funny guy suddenly exclaimed pretty loudly "2 BIMBOS?!" LOL! We all burst into laughter like seriously. LOL!

FINALLY WE SEE IVY! Though we stay like in the same block, we hardly get to see each other. :(
Oh ya, thanks for having your boyfriend send us home...

??? LOL!


Happy as always! LOL!
I think they drugged my food because I became VERY VERY VERY lame afterwhich. LOL!
Kept giving stupid and extremely lame comments. HAHAHA~

:O Yes Jolene? LOL!

Chilling and chatting session over at starbucks.

So after laughing at Gary's funny hearing impairs... With Philippines and bimbos. -.-

Fourth funny thing: I was telling them something about my driving thingy. Then, I said something like... "My two exits..." All thanks to the dirty minds of Soohou and Gary, my very simple conversation end up making us laugh really hard! Make your own guess what we were laughing about. LOL. I laughed so hard, I almost choked on my drink and was nearly tearing. LOL!

I can only remember 4. :( But there were definitely more....

Classic moments. When there's Soohou. There'll bound to be hardcore laughing for us. HAHA! It's either we laugh till we have tummy aches or tear. :D ahhhhhh~ Good times...

High-5 Jolene!

Finally had my cravings...


Few group photos before we left. Ahhh. No Cindy, Serene and Lance.

Forgot to include, they left early.

Smart Gary, literally had his head on mine. -.- LOL!

Stopping Weishan from executing her plan to steal the limelight.

Favourite two pictures up next.

Look at Soohou.! LOL.

2:00 AM NOW!!! LOL. Okay, sorry. Random.

Till here.


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