Sunday, May 17, 2009

Relax 'Choya'~~~

Good luck to me for tomorrow~~
Had a great day out yesterday and a reallyyyyyyy relaxed today!!! Really good luck to me tomorrow, why? Because there's a 5% quiz tomorrow morning and I'm totally clueless except for diagrams. :S Lol...

Woke up early for breakfast yesterday with parents and went to buy some cakes. Test drive-d with dad and hell! I'm so not gonna do it the second time until I'm confident enough. LOL.

Then, my superb Dad sent us over to Angelsky8!! Had spa before facial. Superrrrr nice and relaxed. ^^ Xiaoxuan was there too, add on to the enjoyment~~ Haha.

My favourite childhood friend, TXX! :D

Been hell long since we last met and took so many pictures. :D
Happy happy day!

Acting stupid. ;x

Though this is shaky, my skills is definitely better than hers! Lol. All the pictures she took came out worse lo. ;x LOL!

See what I mean? Lol.

Okay, it's totally not obvious but this is AFTER our facial. Lol.

While our mothers stayed put, we got ready for a 1hour shopping! Lol. Damn restricted because we had to leave early to get dinner for my dad. Reason being, our mothers ditched us for a scrumptious dinner of their own, AT JUMBO! :@ Lol.

&& I'm not that shorter than my sister. I'm just a tiny weeny shorter! Lol. This picture does no justice lo. :@

aiyah~~ The swell in her left eye was better. :S
She looked damn funny when she first came in. HAHA! Watch too many dirty stuffs. erhum!

Getting ready. These girls takes ages to be done!

Hate her for being so tall and for wanting to wear heels still. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Last picture before we left for shopping! :D

Alright, shopping was just average. :( BUT! I dropped by OG and bought the super nice sweet! Haha. Wanted to hunt for bags, shoes and heels but... girls~~ Lol.
Next was Plaza Singapura, I went to collect my altered bottoms. ;) Which took some time. :@ Totally wasted the few minutes. Then, we had out dinner at...


Had a good chat with them. :) Didn't know Xiaoxuan so outgoing and so active now ah! Lol.
Bought dinner for dad and cabbed home. :D Spent a quality night with Xiaoxuan while we waited for her mother to come over. Hehe.
Boys over Flower was funny! And that Ju Junbiao look like Jerry Yan when he smiles widely!!! And some other angles.
Okay wait, digressing. :D

Mothers are back, slacked even more and 'goodbye' to them before I continued my TV craze until 2am. Hurhur. That explains the bad complexion I'm suffereing from. :S

As for today, woke up really late than planned! :@ Had breakfast at home before dad and mother sent me to... for massage and spa! :D
HELL, MASSAGE WAS GOOD BUT DAMN, IT WAS FREAKING PAINFUL!!! Felt that I could cry at times. :(:(:( Lasted for a near 3hours. ?! I'm bruised now ~~ Because the masseuse did 'gua sa' for me. Totally have no idea what it is in English. :S
Home-d and spent my evening watching some cop movie my dad rented. :@

Tell me how?! Lol.

No worries, I'll at least read through the damn notes later. :D LOL! Hopefully I'll keep up to it because I'm damn sleepy now! :(

Goodbye peeps!


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