Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hate Like Hydrogen.. ;x

Random entry title because i'm...
Bored bored bored.
.A few random things in mind right now. :/
.Timetable's only out on 13th. Zzz Hopefully my class gets a good one with well sorted timings. ^^ (No early mornings and late release puhlease~~~) & Hopefully, we'll get good lecturers and tutors... :D
.Not meeting Weishan and Rufi todayyy. :( Was kindda looking for it initially. :/
TWS! You should treat us dinner the next time~ for being caught up with something last minute today! Lol.
.Packed schedule up ahead before school start. :D :D Happy happy. ;)
.New goals set hopefully can achieve them all. hehe.
.Prays hard things will not get weird...
.There's this HUGE housefly that keeps disturbing me. -.-
.I'm not home now. :D
.Just had a haircut! :D (Not much diff though..)

I'm starting to feel irritated when people ask about you and I can't tell them what's happening/happened. =.= So annoying!
PS: Why does it feel so... Hope this ice breaks soon... Oddly upsetting~~

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