Thursday, March 12, 2009

Class Chalet~~ :D

I feel that it's a pretty great deal to get along with the class. &I really love the fact that some of us could take out the time and spend some moments with each other. ;)
Though it wasn't exactly a class bonding activity this time round, I guess it's at least something we're doing together, relaxing, before getting our results.
OMG! I can't believe I just reminded myself about the release of our results this semester. -.- *slaps self

So anyway, I had a great time with the 13 who were there and hopefully; they share the same sentiments. ;)
Sad that only Stephanie and I (among the girls) were able to sleepover. :(:(:(:(:(

So anyway, Gary and I were left in the chalet to wait for our classmates because our friends from the previous night left early. **NPCONCC CHALET!

In my room~ Take notice that the beach is pretty far from my room's window. Because, the next picture I've uploaded is something pretty amazing! LOL.

I finally know how paparazzi works. LOL. I literally zoomed my camera from my room! Can you imagine how far it was?! And look at the picture's quality. Not bad right? ;) HAHHA!
Oh ya, that's Terrence and Jowell...

Spent the afternoon singing K until Hanzheng called up. Thanks Terrence for getting lunch for us. ;)
Slowly, we felt like we've rotted in the chalet because we were plain bored. Good thing our classmates FINALLY came by at around 5 plus going 6! :D

Limguan, Fei fei, SiewCheng and Siyi. ;)
Heard that it's their chocolate day too. Lol. So interesting. hahah.

Stephanie and I.
She wasn't as excited as we were previously lo. So sad. LOL!
But everyone did claim that chalet was pretty~ (Who won't?!)

While going through the pictures taken for that day, I realise STEPHANIE TOOK MANY PRETTY PICTURES WITH LIMGUAN! Hmpf~ Lol.

Stephanie and I getting into the picture. Haha! The rest didn't know initially lo. hohoho!

Guan guan! What are you doing?! Lol.


Starting the BBQ~

Terrence trying to show off his muscle. -.- Lol! And Darius Laughing out loud. Haha!

The guys went to get more charcoal and it slowly started to drizzle. :(

:) they said I was too far from them. Lol.

Too bad Yingling didn't come over. :(
Stephanie was up in the room rushing her proposal for Freshmen Orientation.

While browsing through the pictures, I was thinking;
Is it me or did my hair like grow longer already!? Lol.

Sidetrack a little...
Weishan(: said:
next time photoshop you with long hair
LOL! No, I don't really wanna have long hair...

ROAR! Lol.

Funny Siyi.

It's really nice to be sitting around with these girls talking about anything under the sun moon. Hahah. And I'm glad only a minority happen to be asses. ;x

Indoor BBQ! The place was really cool. At least, they had this indoor BBQ-ing thingy for if it happens to rain. :D

I bathed before BBQ and was left with only one shirt so, I skipped BBQ-ing that night. ;x THANKS A LOT LIMGUAN FOR HELPING TO BBQ! :D Food was alright; didn't eat much other than CHEESE MUSHROOM!
In which I got really sick of. ;x Lol.
When the girls left, Gary and Terrence cleared the place while the rest of us sat down to watch TV. A tad bad luh. But.. yeah. Lol.

After Tv, I went up to edit some pictures while the guys played mahjong...

Really getting sick of mahjong. Lol.

Being bored... :D

Soon, they also got bored of mahjong and started to play twister! LOL.

Gary's stinky! Lol. He didn't bathe~ *Pinch nose*

Struggling to survive! LOL.

Last men standing!

I can't remember who won in the end actually. Haha! But they soon decide to do pairs. Like one V one. Damn funny also!

Hurry up and say the next colour luh!. LOL!

I also can't remember who won~ Lol. But I know Stephanie had a hand at some weird and awakened position near Fredricks'... LOL!

Easy peasy.

Getting tougher!!


We definitely had a good time laughing at them. ;x

Then, when Darius and Daohong were back with Nasi Lemak and after the guys finished their food, we started to play piggy poker where Gary became the 5th graded pig! Lol.

Doing forfeit...

The guys~

Cleared things and headed to the bedroom. Was chatting with Stephanie about the happenings for the Freshmen Orientation and their planning procedure. My first instincts was; I'm a tad glad that I didn't join. Because there are shitty people in which I don't think I wanna anger myself with during the holidays.
&Yes, the problem lies with me partially too. I have no idea why but it seems that I've totally lost the will and drive to be committed to something. Sometimes, I really miss my busy busy Secondary school days. Hmmm.

And anyway, Gary join us not long later. And we started talking until Terrence and Jowell came by. Haa! When Terrence is around; laughters are bound to be heard! Terrence was making fun of our classmate's name. Though a tad nasty but, it was still fun! HAHA~ Darius and Daohong came by to join in the fun too.

Later, Terrence and Jowell left to meet their friends and the rest of us sort of just lied down and rest. :D In the end, Darius and Daohong left the room leaving Stephanie, Gary and I. We slept. :D

(& that excludes the time I've spend getting back the blanket Stephanie pulled away for herself. Lol. And trying to move when her leg was pressurizing my left leg. LOL!)
Was soundly asleep until around... 10 plus 11? Wanted to wake Stephanie up. But boy, she's one sleeping log! Lol. ;x (I'm so gonna get it from her.) She even told me to look out for cars once.. Lol. DAMN CUTE!

Only Darius manage to wake her up at... 1.30?! Lol.

Slacked around and had pillow fights before we all decide to head off for... breakfast?! By the time we left the chalet, it was... 4 plus going 5. LOL! After breakfast, cabbed home with Gary Darius and Daohong. Got lectured for not calling back to inform about being late. :( And was forbid to join dinner at chomp chomp. :(

Weiming, Fredrick, Josher, Daohong and Darius...

Waiting for Stephanie...

Must be feeling unbearable to leave this place. Loll.



Let's meet up again soon. LOL!


PS: It's sad how you revolves around people's mouth, people's conversation in a bad way. In a really bad way. Quickly get a mirror and reflect every single thing regarding yourself. But good thing; I'm never gonna be sad for you.
PS: Do not start pointing fingers at people when you haven't seen yourself on the outside. You're actually no better. *frowns*
PS PS: Don't be too full of yourself, it ain't healthy. :) Ouh.

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