Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm Sensing Another Change I Loathe.

Feeling pissy right now. -.-

Had a lazy afternoon, finally got our aircon problem settled and my parents' new DVD player's here. :D Spent the day just chilling and finalizing my chalet blog entries. :D

Headed over to Hougang Mall to have dinner before we went to attend my Seconday School's Musical Night. I have to say, Chinese Orchestra has ever since improved like quite a bit! :) Bravo~
At least, it's more obvious when it comes to the volume of the music over time...

Oh ya! Something really funny happened today. We were in the car when I suddenly spotted A REALLY HUGE COCKROACH! Like omg~ It was freaking big and disgusting! Mum had it stuck at this hole until we reached school where all three of us left the car and tried to kill that pest~ Lol. It was really funny because we're all obviously a few hundred times larger than it; but, we're all disgusted and afraid of that ass. ;x Lol! And, I finally understand why dad freaks out when he sees them. So funny!


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