Saturday, May 05, 2007

YanLings' Birthday!!

*estimated : 130 photos in this post!! lols.

great day!tomorrow's YanLings' birthday and we've decided to celebrate it today at Ang Mo Kio Hubs' New York New York. the place and ambience was nice. maybe a bit too noisy and small? the eleven of us (Soohou, Gary, WeiShan, Samuel, WeiXin, JoleneChua, YanLing, Jiaxuan, Darius, Agnes and Me) had to seperate. sighs. but, it was still fun~ hahas.

did some arrangement and arrived at AMK Hubs' New York New York latest. settled down and stuff before ordering our food. the food is not bad. nice but not really very nice. lols. but, i have to admit- the spagetti with alfredo sauce is certainly better than the one at cafe cartel, not that sickening.

during our meal, Cindy and ChiuLee dropped by and passed their present to YanLing. then, they joined us for the short celebration. brought in the cake after our meal and took plenty of pictures. hahas. we were quite noisy though. especially when we sang the birthday song. ahh~ sian. today's post a bit unorganise. must be due to the long hours of sitting to upload the pictures. *yawn*

then, Weishan, Weixin, Cindy, Chiulee and Jiaxuan went home.

while the rest of us went to Bugis to look for one of YanLings' friend. kindda weird you know. hahas. fancy having someone asking you to go and collect the present. hahas. isn't it sup
pose to be given but not collected?!? felt a bit like hitting that person with that stupid face. XD
so, shopped around and stop in the middle to look at grasshopper. lols. it reads so funny. we waited for "caomeng", my childhood idol, and listened to them sing a song before heading back to AngMoKio.because we were invited to Garys' little brothers' birthday party, we went to Garys' home. slacked for about and hour or so while Gary was transferring photos and headed down to the function hall. ate a bit continued slack and headed home.

ahh! the taxi driver was very irritating. purposely drive slowly and crapping all the way. had to tolerate his rubbish~ -.-good thing the journey didn't have to take an hour or so.

so, here's are some pictures taken today. i've posted many larhs, even those ugly ugly ones. XD lols.


the menu is kindda cool. lols.

there!! grasshopper~ special species.. -.-
too tired to be serious.. lols.


darius, samuel, me, soohou and gary.
look at soohou!! lols.

sisters of the day! lols.
weixin me weishan and jolene

agnes is an interference. XD lols.

darius, samuel, agnes, weixin, BIGHEAD and soohou
asking for people to call them or for donation??
-.- i'm not making sense.. lols.

chiulee, darius, yanling (before ''makeover''), jiaxuan and me
this picture's nice but chiulee looked like she came in only in the last minute. lols.

monkeys! XD

the sec4s.
maomao, eggie, cindy, chiulee, birthdayGirl, penguin, me, bighead, weishan, soohou and agnes.
can't believe this is our last year le.. all my good friends. after a common goal (Os) we would be continuing our own lives le.. sighhs. by then, we might be missing secondary school life.. hahas.

chiulee, yanling, cindy and me
cindy's not that tall larhs. she wore heels!! hahas.

stupid picture. lols.
weixin looked so reluctant.

US with two young girls! lols.

so many similar pictures. lols.
we had a few cameras and some of us weren't looking at the same one. XD

yeahs! my sis face got cut off half. -.-
selftimer's nice. lols.
garys' head still look big from afar~ lols.

weixin, me, agnes at the back and weishan


what was darius looking at?!? lols.
soohou look so uncle. X= lols.

us with the cake and the something (i can't remember what is it. yanling mention it before) cindy made. lols.

we took a long time to take a decent picture and this, is one of the disqualified ones. hahas.

gary super jiao lorhhs. lols.

hmmms.. i'll miss all of them..

many things today have been started by this devil. lols.
look at soohou, look so cute, so blurr..

act cute larhs. hahas. must have forced my sister to take this picture.

her new outfit for the day...
...shirt from cindy and chiulee, touch up also by both of them.
she look so different yeahs?

when she first came in,
my mouth seriously dropped open and i couldn't stop looking at her. lols. but i'm not a les. she looked so different but still nice. hahas.

who took this?!? lols.

chiulee and yanling..

can you see her??
yanling and weishan..

she was eating cake from cindy...
...and she look satisfied. lols.

she wore this before her ''makeover''.. hahas.

yanling and cindy..

samuel and yanling..

yanling and jolene with some of the presents..
yanling and i..

darius, yanling and me.
the gap between them look so awkward..

chiulee, yanling and cindy..

bighead and yanling..
see the difference... in the shirt colour.. lols.


soohou and yanling

soohou again with teeth and yanling. lols.

yanling and my sister..

ahh~ this is nicer. =]
darius and yanling..

yanling and agnes..

soohou took these..
darius eating..

lols. jiaxuan look so engrossed..

yanling's certainly digging in. LOLs.

see, i'm so nice, i held up and showed the longest noodle. lols.

she sure looks happy!!
yanling and the ice-cream cake from swenses..

the cake from cindy and chiulee. really really nice and special; they made it themselves!!
yanling must be touched~ lols.

ahh.. don't know what is this called but, cindy made this..

the icecream cake!!

i hate this moment...
..cutting of cake..
she never fail to take a long time..
it's nearer to the cake!!

hurry!! finally touching the cake. lols.

going, going.. apply force!!

ahh! she lifted it up again. told you she would take a long time..
see, point proven. lols.

look at jiaxuan..
..wait untill sian sian le. lols.

lols. *clap*clap* FINALLY!!!

?? this is fast.. lols.

she look so happy to be cutting two cakes in one day within a minute. lols.


the next table. lols. gary's forever acting cute.. eeee~

the rootbeer flood is nice.. lols.

gary very jiao right.. lols..

?? did he want to take his phone and ring someone up?? lols.

cindy looked so engrossed in her thoughts..
..if i'm not wrong, the person opposite her was gary..
maybe, she's thinking about the developement of gary's head. lols.
or maybe, she's thinking observing that head? lols.
weishan! lols. forever being snapped. lols.

the two sisters..


i'm so interested in this conversation.. cindy's encouraging gary about something..
xD to confess? lols.


err... we weren't ready.. lols.

look at everyones' head, looking at yanling... lols.
my sister says this picture is cute.. o.O


arg! this picture again.. now, i'm back to looking kiddy.. hahas.

CINDYY!! lols.

agnes the big bully!! =p

weishan can't take flashes..
but she has to have them or else, no one can see her.. hahas..

my turn? lols..

i can't remember why we were laughing / smiling so hard. lols.

clowny guys.. lols.

gary blocked me twice!

she look like she's screaming while laughing. lols.

seriously, this is her! lols. her hand covering her face. unfortunately, my flash totally clear her.. and the scalp down there, that's her sister, weixin..

ignore the left person.. weishan look so funny in this picture..lols.

she took so many pictures larhhs.. eee..

camera confirm spoil slowly de.. lols..

hahas. samuel don't wanna take picture with her. XD

eeeWW!! lols.

again?!? lols.

she likes disturbing people~ lols.

took this for fun. lols.
this reminded me about weixin using knife as a substituition for a spoon accidentally. lols.

i don't know why weixin was so happy. lols.

she's the quiet girl today. lols.

all she did was smile.. lols.

she look like she's forced to help us take pictures.. lols..

took this in bugis.. lols...

but, these two girls are still sweet like weishan.. lols.

2ED (2005)
only darius. lols.
?? lols..

this picture super duper jiao!!

this too.. lols..

lols.. can still see his small head.. unlike gary.. XD

chiulee and me..

finally, a picture of samuel and i..

darius and me..

can see right? same as my shirt colour. lols.
me and weishan
wong soo and me! =]

agnes started this lame thing..
..she's the same height as darius already!! so fast. lols.
then, she wanted me to do it too.. lols..
i don't know why i did the hangs thingy but i guess i wanted to show that it was good?
same height as agnes, having almost similar head (in terms of size) as gary..
again, this time with the gary..

AGAIN!! with the guys.. lols. look so stupid..
we quicken our pace after this picture. lols. felt kindda dumb..

yanling and gary was looking out for grasshopper while agnes asked me to take this picture. lols.
she wanted to scare her i think.. lols.

soohou was so tired. lols.
agnes, me and soohou..

then, she started this stupid face..

first was only agens..
see my face~ gary came in to the picture and my face was 1/3 off.. TSK!

then, it spread to gary..
now, my head is like 1/2 only?!?
no space..

then, i did it too.. but i don't think i look bored right? lols.

yanling, agnes and jolene..

jolene and yanling..
yanling and agnes..

jolene and yanling again..

before we left garys' house, yanling found out she forgot the card i gave her(sighs, sad).. lols. then, we went up the house and found garys' brother and of course the card..
so, we decided to take some pictures before leaving..
it was difficult to make him forcuss at the camera for a while..

he wanted to follow my twist but failed so, i followed him but he looked at his hands.. lols.
like nicholas, cannot forcus for a long time. TSKTSKTSK.. but different case.. one is young boy the other? lols..

so, this was taken before we REALLY left the area.. lols.
self timer.. so embarrasssed when someone passed by but we found out it was our schoolmate..

so, i'll end off this post le..
scare me, just now my maid came in i thought it was my mother..
*guess what time is it now?
according to my computers' clock: 0520..
great! spent about 5 hours uploading all the pictures.. -.- (2351-0520)
super tired now.. still have to wake up at 0840 for tuition at 1000.. sighs.. TIREDD!!
hope i don't get headaches.. =]
since it's the next day already,

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