Wednesday, May 30, 2007


fine day at school again.
but, was teased badly by soohou while doing maths? he was lame larhs~
i asked how long is the answer to question 20? but i think i pharsed the question in a misleading way but we all understand and he replied: "two digits." -.- LOLS! then, he said i was slow. -.- and he claimed that it was because i said him!? he say me first lorhs yesterday. lols.

after school, had to rush to have lunch before leaving for Singapore Poly for the "SP experience". on the way out, was teased by WONGSOOHOU badly. lols. couldn't stop laughing. at the bus stop, me and gary laughed till we had stomach and back ache. LOLS! it was stupid larhs. lols. just because i said something wrong and that jiaxuan didn't play along with me. lols.

had lunch at KFC in hougang mall. had lunch with laughter too. lols. i was talking about what i was doing about two years ago at the same time; going out having fun rather than attending extended lessons. then, soohou talked about what he did when he was like.. primary 6?!? then he went even earlier to when he was primary 1?!? i sort of ignored him but we couldn't stop laughing. then, the worst came. he talked about opening his eyes at the same time?!? LOLs. and he say the first thing he say was his mother's... erhum... LOLS!
later, he asked me what was the first thing i saw when i opened my eyes. -.-
he replied himself saying what i saw was black and white?!? lols. and that i was sad when i saw my own hand because it was black and white?!?
then, he start bringing in other people. LOLS~
we couldn't stop laughing until we went down the MRT after he made this remark:
"later her mother ask the doctor, why last time you gave me faeces and today a brownie?!?"
LOLS. you will laugh when you know who we were refering to. XD hahas.
then he say:
"later they sleep side by side she cry because she's too smelly~" lols.
we were like laughing after we left KFC all the way to the MRT. stomach really hurt. didn't finish our cheese fries and our drinks. -.- lols.

soohou continued being lame in the MRT teasing me all the way. so stupid. cannot stand him larhs! lols.

SP experience is not that bad? at least now i have a clearer idea of what i'm going to target for after Os? lols.

after that, went to Compass points' popular. on the way back in the MRT, we had some stupid people staring at us. like as if they have never seen students going out. -.- then we realised, it was because they wanted seats?!? lols. they should have opened their mouth lorhs. so stupid.

went to compass bought what i wanted and headed home. ^^
buh bye! LOLS. gotta catch some beauty sleep~

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