Thursday, May 31, 2007


*yawns* woke up early today planning to start on my assignments but, it's obvious i never did.

LOLs. ahh~ can't go out, so stupid!
sobbs.anyway, was doing something when i started browsing some pictures. had some FLASHBACKS! lols. and, decided to post some candid pictures~ ^^
*yawns* BORING!
can't remember whether i've post them up before but anyway..

NPCC splashed!! LOLs.

granted them a decent photo then...

AGAIN! lols. look at soohou and serene!

LOLS. cute right? i meant the the two wearing hot pink and black tee.. not that pinkie at the rgith end. LOLs.

tsk! she and her sister always forcing him to take pictures. LOLs.

and WEISHAN, feeding the kitten with hotdogs. LOLs.

who was she snapping? hmms.. messaging IGIG i guess? lols. XD

weishan and jolene. LOLs.

i'm bored! lols.

lols. serene..

they have unspoken chemistry. LOLs.
that's why... they are great sisters.! XD

always that stupid face. lols.

new package for the day: SOOHOU! lols.

CINDY.. lols. the time with her hair long. lols.

and, she's pretty scary. lols.

yes serene? lols.

the CO watch-tv style~ lols.
we didn't plan to do it okay it just came. LOLS.

so i'll end off with this Jay-wannabe people. LOLs.
i'm BORED!!

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