Thursday, March 01, 2007

Great Birthday!!

another birthday yet so, so, so much more special. ^^

first thing first, i'm officially SIXTEEN!! yeahh~

anyway, had many surprises today all thanks to my good friends! thanks everyone for today. what a sweet way to start my 16 year old journey. Swwweeeeettt!!

went to school as per usual but feeling so much more tired. received the first birthday present from zakiah, then from zhiyu. also distributed sweets and received many wishes. thanks everyone! i guess todays' blog will be filled with "thanks!!". ^^ anyway, aaron also shared a gift with lijian. PANDA~ lols. -.- thanks dickson, weibin, bingcheng, rufi, jinhui, xingjie, sayloong, adrian... and.. i can't remember. so sorry!!

ran during PE and had a difficult maths lesson. tried to understand but couldn't, sian. after that, we had social studies. really sad that our class didn't pay attention during the trainee teachers' lesson. she was like trying her best, screaming like hell (almost) but our class didn't really pay attention to her. -.-

recess was fun, surprising yet touching.

first, the duty was DISASTEROUS!! sighs. but, i was sort of not being bothered about it. when i was walking to our class table, saw a cake. -.- wanted to walk there then changed my mind because i had to go for a meeting with the EXCO. so, i was kindda being trap in between after zakiah got me. the prepared the cake but in the end i blew the candle without giving them a chance to sing a birthday song, so in the end, we had to do it again after school because i went to prefects' room for the "meeting".

the meeting was a GREAT one. lols. they talked about how horrible recess duty was and i was like, okay~ then, they were like talking about the shirt we are suppose to have for the coming orientering before singing a birthday song for me. i was SERIOUSLY touched and really almost cried. ^^ thanks my TOOTYS and JERKYS!! =]

thanks Fatin, Diana, Hakim, Nadiah, Niam, Nizam, Jagroop and Aaron. thanks alot for the gift. i really like it! =]
i will definitely remember you people~!!

this is my BEST birthday apart from the one two years ago. it's the most surprising and touching one with many friends. i don't regret having to have so many good friends!! hahas.

after school, had a meeting with mr wong then went on to the so called celebration. the cake was nice!! =] thanks a lot zakiah for the planning. ^^

after that, we went to hougang point because serene suggested it. at first say wanted to dine in sakae but in the end, we had our lunch in mcdonalds. LOLs. saw previous schoolmate. what a great way she responded to me. -.-''

then, we stayed there for a long time chatting about anything under the sun! so nice. hahas. gary and serene then went to look for series which then they came back with cakes. was kindda surprised. thanks gary, samuel, weishan and serene! =]

hmms. so i guess i gotta go le, need to do maths assignment. sighs.

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