Saturday, January 27, 2007

shooping spree!

what a day~ went for a shopping spree having getting my class-tees done half-way. FUN!! hmms. estimated amount of money spent: more than $200. kindda not realistic but almost one third of the money spent was on food. hahas. the rest was for some groceries and new year clothes my mother also bought a perfume.

while at the shop where we were discussing about our class tees, i was kindda pissed. i think all of them know why. sighs. i just don't understand what's so good in having a long chat almost everyday. if it's at home, i truly understand. however, what is the point of having to chat when you're outside. or rather, when you are incharged of something and IS NEEDED. sighs. maybe she will feel that i don't understand because i'm single but come to think of it whether or not one is in a relationship, they should balance and sort their piorities. that's the most important.
let's not talk about it anymore, it makes my blood boil.

i bought 3 tees while my sis bought a skirt and two tees from PMK ($102.50). damn, the shop was so crowded with people. but a good thing there was still air available to breathe. ^^

other than the fact that today is a very benefiting day for my mum my sis and i, we have encountered a disheartening incident. won't go into it.

okay, so i guess i'll end here le. hahas.

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