Saturday, January 27, 2007

being a sals person......

when people consider to be a sales person, they feel that it is very simple but, when it comes to handling customers and the so many different type of people, it's never easy.

what's more one wrong eye contact may invite excruciating experience. so if you are being accused for not attending a customer well, please please do not talk about it when the customer is around. i don't think anyone would like complains to be lodged to the company.

other than eye contact, the body language is also important. don't slouch when you're serving a customer no matter how tired you are, you have to be at your very best unless you don't want to sell your items.

this is regarding what we have experience in a high class place selling high class perfumes.

high class doesn't mean that the sales person can be arrogant and look down on those who doesn't dress well or doesn't look rich.

my mother's friend had an shocking experience too. she herself is a sales person who sells Shiseido items. one day, she had to serve an old lady who looked dirty and not like those who would buy the stuffs being sold. despite the thought of the customer not buying, she still answered the never ending questions. she doesn't feel irritated because the lady was asking tonnes of questions like what is it, what is the good thing about it. however, little did she expect her to buy items adding up to about 500 bucks. she was also surprised at the look in her wallet and the cards in it. UNLIMITED credit card. ohh my god. at that time, she then was relieved that she didn't treat the lady with a bad attitude.

this shows that no one should be jugde by the way they look. sighs. that's how most people's mind work maybe.

okay, i'm off again. ^^

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