Tuesday, July 11, 2006

she flared and ALMOST break down.

i really take my hat off to my class-for-two-years. such a caring, cute and good teacher but we don't appreciate it. really don't know how the mind in human works.

some expect respect from others but don't deserve it at all. some always think that they are the one giving but neglect those who gives even more. some never bother to know the whole picture before jumping into conclusions and hurting people around them. some want to be treated good but never appreciate it.

she blewed again. all thanks to my fellow classmates including me. ;) such a disgrace to say that! lols. anyway, she blewed again because most of us did not complete her assignment given four days ago. come to think of it, it's only an excuse to say that we are tired and are occupied fully by some other things. i think teachers are more busy and tired than us. just don't know why it's like a cycle. when you're young, you don't understand and keep pushing blame for being very not-discipline but as you grow and become more mature you tend to expect discipline from others. lols. maybe that's life. that's the human cycle.

ohh yeahs! tsk. have been so easily distracted. anyway, i was so shock when i saw those tears on the edge of her eyes. it's obvious that she was really really angry. maybe our class should really or must really change their attitude. hope she don't feel like what she felt this morning.

started out having a lousy morning both for her and me. felt real bad for being one of the various for left their work undone. after maths, it was english. speaking of english remind me of what he wore yesterday.

he has such get taste in dressing. i love the shirt and that ever-so matching tie. hahs. i'm trying to be real sarcastic if you still don't get that lame remark of mine. yesterday, on the way to english, we saw our "relieve" teacher for english from NIE. he was so god damn suave with that light brown shirt and that very bright blue tie. hahas. imagine wearing something similar to that. first things first, blue never match with brown. what's more he's one good teacher that i find the most weird. whenever he talk he's hands move and so on and so for. hahas. now, i feel so bad talking about him. urg!

ohh well, back to english lesson today. homework again. essay again. more assignments again. hais. why is studying life exactly the same? it's either you have no school or you study till you go nuts! urg. anyway, we are suppose to write this magazine article and i have decided to work on the relationship topic. guess it has more points for me to elaborate. not saying that i'm a expert in such matter just feel that it has more things to talk about. what's more, relationship is not about being in a boy-girl relationship. right? lols. i'm being crappy again. just hope i can excel in essays like these. =]

after school, it was orchestra meeting. not a bad start. at least we discussed about some things. you know. not major things but still things to be considered. =] after that we went to have chinese SRP. then after SRP we went to our form teacher's home room to complete our not done homework for four days. lols. then, me jiaxuan and gary went to hougang mall to check on our shirt and buy drinks and also food. that almost round up my day spend~ =]

hais. assignments and more assignments. gotta complete them. buh bye!

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