Sunday, June 04, 2006

if that is what you think then fine. kick us out!

gosh i'm totally not cool now. i know you will like never ever step into my blog unless maybe your buddies tell you what i've post today. well, i've been to your blog because fengni was upset and rather furious with what you have posted. i've read it and i feel that i should say something.

well, i'm sorry for being late that first meeting but can't blame me right? i've got like two CCAs and i can't just leave one out. what's more, i rush down to the meeting already okay. well, it's also partially my fault that fengni gary were late. i apologise for them. it's not like i did those on purpose. i know you're not referring to me in your post. not all but partial. just wanna say. if you wanna say something, just be direct. if you're not happy just tell us straight at our face don't have to show that you are calm. i think we can take the blow. sorry for leaving early too. we had plans before being informed about the meeting okay.
secondly, the three of us, gary fengni and i didn't gang up to be absent for the trial picnic. i know that you peggy and so on are pissed but we can't help it okay. talk about you guys feeling angry. vent your frustration on us. don't have to post and say that you all hate us or are disappointed in us. we booked a badminton court but end up didn't attend it because we also had our things going on. having appointment can fake de huh? wanna see my appointment card? it was arranged a month ago. what's more sometimes things cannot be changed like and when we want them too. i know i should persuade my mother in changing the dates but i can't defy her right? go on and say that i'm trying to fake or act. as long as you girls are happy with the contents coming out of your mouths. it's true that i'm not lying about my 'excuse'. it's not that we are not independent. we didn't say we need each other to survive it's just pure coincidence. go on and say that it's not a pure coincidence and that we did it on purpose. i just wanna finish my piece. if you girls don't believe me then just let it be.

if you all are really angry with us, just discuss it with mdm ong and strike out our names from the committee. since you say that the committee can survive without us then take away our position. if that makes you feel better. maybe after we are being sacked, you don't have to doubt about our ability anymore. if you all are disappointed, i'm also feeling the same. i know we haven't been giving good attendance to outings and so on but at least, tell us straight at our face.

we have been friends for like two years odd? do you have to go to the extend to mention us indirectly in your blogs? i know i may sound harsh but that is how you guys sound in your blogs too. somehow that is. we are all young adults already i think there's other ways to solve this problem or to me misunderstanding rather than mention us in your posts indirectly. i'm not feeling furious or whatsoever. just feel rather disappointed with you guys posting about us indirectly. well, i'm sorry for all this that has happened. i hope this should put to an end. whatever you girls wanna think my motive is. no matter what, if you girls really read my post, maybe you all should arrange a meeting for us only to clear all these misunderstanding rather than leave it there and wait till it becomes a enormous snow ball. i know you girls love music. we may not have the same strong liking towards music but at least we still have the same goal in common. we want to achieve a gold for SYF and excel in other things. so i hope this problem won't ruin anything.

anyway, i know if you girls read my post you will feel furious or even say that i'm trying to act like a peacemaker or whatsoever. or maybe you're thinking i'm trying to act good to por you guys. maybe i'm wrong but it's just what i think you girls will think after reading my post. i just hope i'm wrong. but if you really think that way, i'm telling you this. i'm not trying to act like what or whatever. i just don't like things gettin worse. okay. go on and gossip about me acting kind or giving attitude. i'm not.

just hope you girls read my post and we can somehow settle this problem which may or may not be a problem to you girls.. maybe it's our attitude that you think is the problem. let's just face it that we have all grown in young adults and should settle things using other resolutions.

hais. i can't help thinking that you all will say things after this post but just hope we can just sit down and talk this over. no matter what, we are still friends. we met because we liked music and we shouldn't be angry with each other. we are role models for our juniors.

hais. hope this works out fine.

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